Zakir Naik posts Facebook ad looking for wife for son


Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has continued to freely disseminate his teachings since he fled India in 2016. Although India has requested his extradition for alleged links to extremists, hate speech and money laundering money, Zakir Naik continues to generate huge success on social media. For example, his official Facebook page has around 22 million followers, while over 2 million people follow him on YouTube.

Earlier this year, Zakir Naik started promoting a streaming service named Al Hidaya, which he called the “Halal (permitted in Islam) version of Netflix. ”Zakir Naik said Al Hidaya is a “spiritual edutainment platform”, providing content on religion and education as well as entertainment.

Zakir Naik used his social media to promote his teachings almost daily. But on Friday, Zakir Naik used Facebook to publicly solicit a bride for his son, Fariq Zakir Naik. Fariq is also a preacher like his father, with Zakir frequently posting videos of his son answering questions. In these videos, Fariq is referred to as Sheikh Fariq.

In Friday’s post, which is a two-page advertisement, Zakir Naik clarified that he was looking for a “virtuous Muslim girl of good character, such that my son and his wife can be a source of guidance and strength one. for the other”. . Zakir Naik specified both “necessary qualities” and preferable qualities for the girl.

In the “necessary” qualities, Zakir Naik clarified that the girl should be a practicing Muslim who “abstains from everything. Haraam (sinful) activities. “Zakir Naik said the girl should be willing to lead a” simple and non-luxurious life “if necessary and the couple should” be ready to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of Allah. “

He wrote that the girl should support her husband in his Daawah (work to propagate Islam). Zakir Naik wrote that the girl should preferably have a bachelor’s degree in any field of Islamic studies. On the second page of the ad, Zakir Naik gave a biography of his son, listing his achievements as a preacher and in sports.

Unsurprisingly, the detailed nature of the post prompted various comments. While many praised Zakir Naik for being a devoted father, others found the publicity strange. One user challenged Zakir Naik by using a photo of himself in the ad, instead of his son’s image.

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