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YouTube’s new tools to fight comment spam and account impersonators

To reduce comment spam and channel impersonation, YouTube creators now have access to a new setting for comments in YouTube Studio.

Creators will be able to select an “increase strictness” option. And the company said it builds on the “keep potentially inappropriate comments for review” setting and will reduce spam and impersonation comments, Engadget reports.

This is a less stringent option than requiring a manual review of all comments or disabling them altogether, according to the report.

From July 29, channels will no longer be able to hide their number of subscribers.

The Google-owned video platform said it was a common tactic used by those claiming to be behind larger, more established channels.

Impersonators often leave comments on other videos to get people to their fake page.

YouTube has acknowledged that some creators prefer to hide their subscriber count while building an audience. However, he said the move would make things safer for everyone.

Speaking of fake chains that use special characters to impersonate larger creators, this strategy will soon be a little less effective, according to the report.

YouTube mentioned that it is reducing the character set people can use when updating a channel name.

The music video, widely shared on different social media platforms, has amassed thousands of views, shares and comments on multiple YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels.

About 100 Trell employees have also voluntarily left the company in the past two months, a source familiar with the developments said.

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