YouTube shorts are now available on TV

YouTube Shorts are now available in a TV-optimized format, the company announced today via a blog post.

Android TV or Google TV owners will now be able to watch short videos through the YouTube app.

YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said on the blog:

“While it might seem like a natural next step, an incredible amount of thought and care has gone into bringing this vertical, mobile experience to the big screen.”

Prior to this release, there was no convenient way for viewers to watch vertical videos in landscape orientation. Now you can play vertical clips in a clean, white-bordered format that uses the extra real estate of the larger screen to include video information, including title, audio format, creator names, and icons. I like I do not like.

New feature to facilitate community viewing

YouTube researched users’ preferred format before releasing the new feature, seeking to preserve what it called “the essence of shorts” while encouraging viewing with others on a larger screen.

Mohan continues:

“As YouTube continues to make it easier to interact on TV, the richness of the Shorts experience will only grow. Bringing the Shorts to TV is a great bridge to bring together two of our most important experiences for the benefit of creators. and viewers.Over the next few weeks, this experience will roll out to TV models (2019 and later) and new game consoles.

The Google-owned video-sharing platform experimented with using a conventional video player and a “jukebox”-style format, in which several short films would be displayed simultaneously, before finally settling on a cleanly designed layout that still takes advantage of the extra TV screen. space.

Move YouTube’s latest attempt to compete with TikTok

Recognizing the power that TikTok wields in the short-form video space, many other companies, including Google and Facebook, have sought to claim market share with varying degrees of success.

YouTube Shorts has been one of the most successful platforms in this format, hitting 30 million daily views in April this year, a huge number for a service that launched in beta in India in September 2020 before going live. to go live in the United States in March of the following year.

The release of Shorts for TVs should provide YouTube with a significant advantage over its competitors, as most smart TVs come with the YouTube app already installed, instead of having to download a separate app, ala TikTok.

Displaying Shorts only requires users to open the app and search for a carousel on the homepage. You can also view shorts directly from a creator’s channel.

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