YouTube Music rolls out Spring Recap 22 with stats

YouTube Music finally started offering a full year recap in late 2021, and now appears to be rolling out Spring Recap ’22.

Update 6/15:Google has formalized the YouTube Music Spring Recap and it’s launching “starting today”. More broadly, the company noted the positive feedback from last December’s 2021 Roundup:

And it’s not a one-time thing! Going forward, we’ll be offering listeners a personalized experience for each season as well as our annual recap to reflect your year in music.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music notably told users today to “expect to see more new stats and features that further showcase your unique tastes later this year.”

Original 6/1: Met by a handful of users todaythe full-screen page dedicated to it is titled “Your recap” – suggesting it could be a common seasonal event and not just at the end of the year – with a play button for the list of reading.

Enjoy and share all your favorite Spring 2022 music

Below is a swipeable carousel of six pages of stats that can be saved to your device or shared. Each is labeled “Summary” in the upper right corner, YouTube Music is undoubtedly aiming for virality. Visually optimized for stories and social media posts, the cards include:

  • Spring: Summary card with top artist and song, plus total minutes streamed
  • Top Spring Songs: Top 5
  • Best Spring Albums: 5
  • Best Spring Artists: 5
  • Best Spring Genres: 3
  • Best Spring Reading List: 1 just

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YouTube Music announces this recap with a “Spring Recap is here” card in the home feed. You can press “Explore now”, while another person said they were able to access it by tapping on their profile avatar in the top right corner and then on “2021 Recap” – only the old playlist remains today with last year’s infographic now gone.

However, most YouTube Music users today don’t see Spring Recap ’22, although there are still about three weeks left in the season for the Northern Hemisphere.

Replay your best spring music and stats. Find them on your channel page

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