YouTube Music Deploys Cast Support to the Web

While the YouTube Music web app is arguably more complete than the Android TV experience hosted in the main app, it still lacks native Cast integration. Fortunately, that seems to be changing.

Update 11/30: Almost two months after being spotted for the first time, The native integration of Cast into the YouTube Music app / website is now widely deployed. Instead of streaming the entire tab / video, you just send the audio stream to Home / Nest / Assistant. Google identifies the device you’re streaming to in the upper right corner.

10/5 original: Users who want to stream songs from to smart screens, speakers, and Chromecast setups today need to use Chrome’s built-in Cast menu. That’s fine on Nest Mini and other audio-only devices, but casting to a Nest Hub means you’re sending across the entire browser tab. It’s annoying without any possible interactivity on the device, while closing the mirror automatically stops playback.

This is because Cast is not integrated into the YouTube Music web client. For example, allows you to only stream the video window to other devices.

That is about to change, with at least two users on Reddit seeing a Cast button in the top right corner of the website next to their profile avatar. Pressing allows you to select a device, and YouTube Music will name what you have selected.

It’s a much more efficient and long overdue approach. Hopefully a wider rollout is coming soon, while the YouTube Music website has also tested the “Related” tab (from mobile) handy in the UI being played. Other users have also seen the Song / Video selector.

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