YouTube Music can now display “Other performances”

One of the best features of YouTube Music is access to YouTube’s library of fan covers, live performances recorded by viewers, and more. YouTube Music now brings up these “Other Performances” directly from Now Playing.

Depending on the song, opening the “Related” tab in the lower right corner of Now Playing and scrolling through “You Might Also Like” and “Recommended Playlists” reveals the new carousel. (“Similar Artists”, “More From”, and “About the Artist” continue to populate this page.)

The number of releases featured by YouTube Music in “Other Performances” varies widely and usually only appears for famous songs/artists. Both audio and video (as indicated by the rectangular cover) may appear.

We see concert clips recorded by everyday people and uploaded to YouTube, remixes, fan covers, acoustic versions, performances by other artists, and more. It’s also a good way to boost discovery of other content and better highlight a key advantage of the streaming service without forcing users to manually use search or the home stream.

We see further performance today in YouTube Music for Android, iOS (but not the iPad with its old Now Playing UI), and the web. It first appeared for some users a month agobut now sees a wider launch.

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