YouTube Moralist Dhar Mann launches his own video app, Rockets to No. 1


Dhar mann, the entrepreneur and content creator – loved for his morality on the nose videos, which raised 12.9 million Youtube subscribers and staggering 450 million monthly views – now looking to take its viewers off-platform.

Mann on Wednesday launched a free app called Dhar Mann Studios, which is available on both iPhone and Android. The app, he says, lets users watch all of his videos ad-free – which feature actors playing brutal ethical lessons, including his biggest hits. Children laugh at a boy with autism and instantly regret That and Gold Digger Dumps Broke Her Boyfriend, Then Regrets His Decision.

Users of the app can also sign up to receive daily inspirational messages, access exclusive giveaways, and purchase new merchandise.

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And it got to the massive buzz. Dhar Mann Studios today rose to number one overall in the App Store for free apps, above apps that have long featured Mann’s content, including Youtube and Facebook.

By an August profile in The New York TimesMann’s parents emigrated from India, and he was an entrepreneur from a young age, with past businesses that put him in legal hot water. He started posting motivational videos on Facebook in 2018, where he also amassed a significant audience, with 12.5 million followers. That year he founded his production company, also called Dhar Mann Studios.

Forty percent of Mann’s audience is overseas, he told the Times.

Mann signed with CAA in April, and is replaced by Kai gayoso To Media partners of the range.

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