YouTube establishes TV data agreements with Comscore, Parrot Analytics



YouTube, YouTube TV and Google TV made a handful of new TV data deals with Comscore and Parrot Analytics this week.

Comscore said it will integrate measurements from YouTube and YouTube TV into its cross-platform service, Comscore Campaign Ratings, so it can provide marketers with data on how audiences consume content on YouTube and YouTube TV on computer, mobile and connected TV. The company said the new deal will help advertisers and agencies better understand the combined co-viewing for YouTube and YouTube TV via OTT / CTV as well as the incremental reach of their linear TV purchases.

“People are watching more YouTube than ever – on mobile, on laptops, and especially on our fastest growing screen, the TV, and we want to make sure that advertisers can measure their reach on all devices with third-party partners like Comscore, ”Debbie said. Weinstein, vice president of global solutions at YouTube, in a statement. “We also know that people choose to watch their favorite YouTube content on smart TVs with others, and the inclusion of co-viewing in this new integration will allow advertisers to understand the broader audience that they want. they can reach through YouTube CTV campaigns. “

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At the same time, YouTube and Google TV have integrated global audience demand data and entertainment consulting services from Parrot Analytics. Google’s ad-supported streaming service and connected TV platform will use Parrot’s updates on popular TV series and streaming platforms to better inform programming decisions.

“We are thrilled to be working with the world’s premier video and television entertainment platform. By sharing our expertise, data, and global audience demand advisory services, YouTube and Google TV will continue to evolve their content strategy based on the latest trends. We’re excited to continue our mission to help more content and brand owners succeed on any screen, anywhere in the world, ”Parrot Analytics CEO Wared Seger said in a statement. .

In the United States, Google has more than 120 million people watching YouTube on TVs each month, up from 100 million last year. Philipp Schindler, chief commercial officer of Google, cited data from Nielsen to suggest that 70% of YouTube’s reach was delivered to audiences not reached by traditional TV advertising.

“In other words, YouTube’s reach is spreading more and more to television and this audience dynamic is a huge victory for brands,” he said during the earnings call of the last month. In fact, Nielsen found that US advertisers who only shifted 20% of their TV spend to YouTube generated a 25% increase in their total campaign reach within their target audience, while reducing their cost per point of range by almost 20%. “


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