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At this point, most people have started to realize that any social media platforms they end up using are going to follow them at least to some degree. However, it should also be noted that some platforms will follow you much more than others, with some social media sites extracting so much of your private and personal data that it would amount to a privacy breach if they were ever held accountable.

One of the ways social media platforms try to target you with ads is by using something called tracking. This is a process where they basically track you as you browse the web and take note of the different things you do. This allows them to understand what your interests are, allowing them to serve you ads that you are more likely to click on. Third-party trackers are perhaps the most invasive trackers, so it’s important to know which sites tend to use them most often.

Many would assume that Facebook would have the most trackers in its app, but it turns out that’s not the case at all. Instead, the companies with the most trackers in their apps are actually YouTube and TikTok, which each have around 14 potential trackers, making them the apps you should be wary of if you want to protect privacy. Another thing to keep in mind is that while both apps have the same number of potential trackers overall, there is a stark contrast when it comes to the trackers they use.

10 of the 14 potential YouTube app trackers are proprietary trackers which are relatively normal trackers designed to track your use of the app itself. It only has four of the most privacy-invasive third-party trackers that can track what you do on other sites, which most people probably won’t be comfortable with for a few really obvious reasons.

If you were to check out TikTok’s trackers, however, they tend to paint a much more concerning picture. Indeed, 13 of its 14 trackers are third-party trackers and there is no way to know what information is shared through them. Using TikTok’s app will almost certainly cause you to see oddly specific ads, and the main reason for that is that it has such a high number of third-party trackers and has far more of them than any other social media app you would like to use .

Telegram is also a pretty serious offender from this perspective since the instant messaging app has about nine third-party trackers on its app. Facebook and Instagram are relatively conservative in this regard since the former has only one third party tracker and no proprietary trackers while the latter has one proprietary tracker and two third parties. iOS apps have around twelve trackers on average, which just goes to show that you need to be extra vigilant if you want to compete with companies so dedicated to tracking you.

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