Wish List for Dignity: Cape Breton Women’s Shelter uses Amazon for donations

SYDNEY, NS — A women’s shelter’s Amazon Wish List is going to help customers with more than just basic clothing needs.

Executive Director Jodi McDavid said the articles can help women leaving abusive intimate relationships begin the healing process.

“It means more than just an item. For example, it actually has a lot of impact. Even something like crafting supplies, because they’ll all get together on a Friday night and do crafts together. is a way to relax and socialize and all those do normal things.For a lot of people they haven’t had any normality.

On the page are items like pajamas, underwear, socks, and leggings. These are things given to women, which come with little or no belongings and need to be replaced regularly.

There are also items like Lego toys for the playroom, craft supplies and journals, which McDavid said women often like to have.

Along with having no effect upon arrival, McDavid said many women have also been denied the ability to choose anything in their lives for a very long time, if not their entire lives.

“The other day I was helping someone and I said, ‘I’m going to get you a shirt from the closet. What’s your favorite color?’ And she was kind of taken aback because she might even have that choice,” McDavid said.

“So it’s more than just pajamas. It’s, like, dignity. It’s self-esteem. It’s all of those things and sometimes I think people don’t realize it. don’t even count.”


McDavid hopes the convenience factor of being about to donate from anywhere will attract donations from people unable to physically drop off items or who live too far away.

The idea came after a recent meeting of the Cape Breton Transition House Foundation. McDavid had talked about their need for baby monitors.

After the meeting, a member of the foundation, the volunteer organization that raises money for Transition House, asked if someone who lived out of province and wanted to donate could buy some on Amazon for them.

The Cape Breton Transition House is collecting donations for the first time through Amazon’s Wish List and early signs show it’s a success. CAPE BRETON POST – Nicole Sullivan

McDavid said she hopes it adds a “convenience factor” to the donation for people who want it.

Chrissie Green from North Sydney is one person who donated when she saw McDavid’s post shared on a friend’s Facebook on March 22 because of how easy it was.

“It makes it really easy. I’ve often thought I should drop something off, I should take something for the halfway house, but life is so chaotic that I never really took the time to do it. do,” Green said.

“As soon as I saw the link, I thought there really was no excuse at this point. It couldn’t be easier.”

She sent the link to her husband who chose the articles; something for women and something for children.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to make donations like this,” Green said.


The quick response to the wish list of donations was “surprising” to McDavid and it shows promise in helping to meet the needs of the women and children who use the shelter.

Wishlist items will be updated as needed, but many, like underwear and socks, will still be needed.

“We have people coming in with nothing,” McDavid said. “With cash donations, sometimes we can give them $5 to go to the store and they’ve never been able to go to the store with $5 before; in all their life.”

To access the Cape Breton Halfway House Amazon Wish List page, visit https://www.amazon.ca/hz/wishlist/ls/2I861T41YFX6?ref_=wl_fv_le.

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