Who unsubscribed me? How to see if you are no longer friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

BEING removed from someone’s social media can be a painful and upsetting experience.

But there is a way to find out who has unsubscribed from you – find out here.

How to see who unfollowed me


If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in your friend count and you’re eager for answers, this new app might just turn out to be your new best friend.

Who deleted me keeps track of your Facebook friends list and notifies you when someone has had the audacity to remove you from their social media circle.

When you first log in, the app takes stock of your current contact list, and each time you return, it compares the latest version to the saved one.

It then informs you who your missing friends are and if they deactivated their account or just deleted you.


If you’ve ever suspected someone took you off social media, there’s a way to find out.Credit: Getty

It also lets you find out about the people you’re making connections with, instead of breaking them, so it’s not all a disaster.

It is available for free on Chrome and Firefox internet browsers as a plug-in, as well as on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Unfortunately, the app can’t provide backdated information about who deleted you in the past, so you can only start tracking who deleted you after you download the extension.

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It also lets you keep track of who YOU ​​deleted – but be aware that others can use this awesome tool too.

Conveniently, Who Deleted Me also tells you when your friends last used Facebook, which is really handy if you’re waiting for a response to an important message.


There are a number of applications and websites that allow Twitter users to find out who has unfollowed their accounts on the microblogging site.

One of the most popular facilities for checking your Twitter network is StatusBrew.com, which is free.

The site has a Recent Unfollowers section that allows users to see which villains have decided to unfollow them.


The Followers for Instagram mobile app lets you manage your account and check which sneaky users have unfollowed.

Just sign it using your Instagram login details and you’ll also be able to follow new followers and accounts that didn’t even bother to follow you in the first place.

The app has a section called Have Unfollowed Me – which does exactly what it says on the tin.

However, be aware that this app is not authorized by Instagram, which could mean that your account security could be at risk.

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