When will free subscriptions come to YouTube Gaming?

In recent years, YouTube Games has become a worthy competitor to Twitch. Big-name streamers have embraced the platform thanks to its more flexible contracts and perceived friendliness to content creators. YouTube itself has also done a lot to convey its fledgling platform by adding features that streamers and viewers have come to expect on other sites.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the platform is waterproof, though. Rival streaming website Mixer shut down in 2020 after failing to attract enough viewers and conversions from Twitch, even after signing Ninja as a platform-exclusive streamer. In order to remain competitive with Tic and upcoming rivals like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Games must continuously add features that fans and creators want. This is where gifted subscriptions come into play.

When are the gift subscriptions?

In October 2021, Ryan Wyatt, the former head of YouTube Gaming, announced several upcoming features in a Tweeter. Along with easier integration between clips and shorts, more mod tools, and better monetization, Wyatt shared that creators and fans can expect gifted subscriptions to come. in 2022.

After that, no announcement was made regarding gifted submarines until February this year. In a tweet in Japanese, the official YouTube Creators Japan account announcement that a small number of channels would soon have access to “gifted subscriptions”. The goal of this rollout, which the YouTube Creators account calls an alpha, is to test the feature before it is granted to all YouTube Gaming creators.

As of April 2022, there was no further word on when creators around the world will be able to access and use gifted memberships. Wyatt is no longer with the company, but alpha testing in Japan appears to show the feature is still planned for this year. Fans and interested streamers should keep a close eye on YouTube’s social accounts for future news about the gifted subs and the platform’s other promised features.

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