What Readers Said About Snowdonia Hillwalker’s YouTube Video Called “Irresponsible”

A video of a YouTuber filming herself hiking in Snowdonia and the hardships she faced divided opinions.

Grace Kelly reached the top of a 3,000-foot peak in the Owen Valley, as the sun set and the novice walker hurtled down the steep slope in the dark.

In the fading light, she reaches her vehicle and declares that the descent was “no joke” and that it was “out of my depth”.

Mountain rescuers said Grace Kelly was fortunate enough not to have suffered any incidents and experienced mountaineers called her “irresponsible” for posting the video and “minimizing the risk and level of experience required to accomplish the hikes “.

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But acknowledging that she is just a newbie, Ms Kelly said: ‘Not all hikes go as planned, and we would be foolish to expect them to, but as long as you are ready. , you can adapt, and due to being properly prepared in regards to the kit, I had that option. “

The video, made last month, also showed Ms Kelly climbing to the top of Snowdon via Crib Goch. Undertaken the day after her ascent of Pen yr Ole Wen, she hired a local mountain guide to lead her to the famous ridge.

She has visited Snowdonia and other mountainous regions regularly in recent months and the video is one of many videos she has made and posted online.

North Wales Live asked readers what they thought of Ms Kelly’s Pen yr Ole Wen video and over 200 comments were posted on the North Wales Live website and on Facebook.

While many supported his attempt and admired his ability to film while walking over difficult terrain, others said they agreed with experienced mountaineers.

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Writing on the North Wales Live Facebook page, Natalie Bartlett said: “Grace has shared her passion for the outdoors with thousands of people and her honesty and personality is what makes her content so appealing to many of us. . I have been hiking solo. Since watching her videos. Critics have to question themselves. “

Kelly Drewry added, “I really don’t understand what’s wrong with this? Grace is a confident hiker. Yes, she got caught in the dark on a solo hike, but she still came downhill all the way. security and shared with her viewers how she had learned from the mistake – encouraging others not to do the same. “

And Rebekah Uden, who describes herself as a mountain guide, said: “There are hundreds of people much less experienced and equipped than this girl, she actually has hundreds of hours in the mountains under her belt and more. experience that some who initially train for their ML. “

But taking the other point of view, Chris Mutton wrote on the Facebook page: “It highlights the sad fact that many blindly follow a phone app without having any navigation skills, as the team’s Chris said. ogwen, she’s luckily enough, she’s not the only one however who believes in her abilities but lacks the skills when it starts to go south. “

Nigel Parry said: “On average, Snowdon kills 8 a year, if your [sic] unaware of how to prepare for the climb, at least stay clear of Crib Goch and the Pyg, the miners trail is ok until you reach the end of the easy part, then it goes up strongly. “

On the North Wales Live webpage, Crwydryn said: “Enjoying Snowdonia in safety, it’s far too amazing to be spoiled by waving a selfie stick in front of your face all day.”

This weekend, the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team urged novice walkers to avoid the mountains. The team received more than 250 calls in 2021 after visitors flocked to Snowdonia telling visitors, “Don’t go if you’re not prepared, don’t go if you’re not experienced and don’t go if you don’t know what you are doing. “

Llanberis team chairman Barry Davies urged people to be careful and avoid the mountain if they are unprepared.

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