What is Soft Tagging on Instagram?

In 2022, new social media slang pops up every day and it’s impossible to keep up with what it all means.

TikTok is the worst for weird phrases and the app pretty much has its own vocabulary full of weird terms that mean nothing to most people.

The last viral term actually revolves around Instagram, although it can be used on almost any social media platform.

What is soft tagging? Keep reading to find out…

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What is soft tagging?

Soft tagging is the process of tagging someone in a social media photo or posting secretly hiding the tag.

On sites like Instagram and Facebook, you can tag someone in your photo by clicking the “Tag” button, which will add a large tag with their name.

The tag is visible to everyone, so anyone viewing the post can see the person’s name and profile, and there’s no way to tag someone secretly.

So, people started soft tagging, which is tagging someone in a social media post without making it visible to others.

Urban Dictionary describes the process as “tagging someone indiscriminately,” usually because they want to be notified but don’t want the tag visible.

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There are many ways to add software tags

If you want to tag someone in an Instagram story, you can tag their username as usual, but make the text really tiny.

The user will still be tagged and can repost it to their Story, but others won’t be able to see the tag because it’s so small.

Another way to gently tag without drawing attention to the person is to write their name in the comments of a post.

On Facebook or Twitter for example, you can tag someone in a comment or reply rather than writing their name in the post.

You can also tag someone in the comments of your Instagram feed post rather than using the normal tag to make things a little less obvious.

Another popular method of soft tagging on Instagram is to use the normal “Tag” tool, but stack the tags on top of each other rather than putting them on the person.

This way, all of your friends will still be tagged in that group photo, but the tag won’t be explicitly placed on their face for everyone to see.

More Instagram Slang You Need to Know

  • TBT: Means ‘Throwback Thursday’. People use it when they post an old photo from their camera roll on a Thursday.
  • OOTD: Means ‘Outfit of the day’. You’ll often see this one in the caption when people post a picture of what they’re wearing.
  • Scheme: This is used when someone shares a post from another Instagram account, like a retweet on Twitter.
  • PM: Means “Direct Message” and refers to Instagram’s private messaging feature. People often say they DM a friend.

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