VIDEO OF RUSSIAN SOLDIER ALEXEI BYCHKOV goes viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: Video of Russian soldier Alexei Bychkov goes viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit: As you all know, this world is uncertain. Anytime, anywhere something will happen. Somewhere a massive massacre happened while somewhere good things happened. This world never ends. If stops, then all humans living on this planet will die. With this, we are going to share you with a person who rapes a Ukrainian baby. Yes, a newborn baby who was raped by a Russian soldier. We didn’t know what was going through their heads. The Russian soldier was an adult, mature person. He knows what is right and what is wrong. Follow more updates at

Video of Russian soldier Alexei Bychkov

Soldiers protect their country and take their duty very seriously. But in this case, the Russian soldier was not well in his head. He needs to fix the upper body. It is a terrible and horrifying act that we will explain in more detail in a few minutes. But before what we are going to discuss in this article, no one has the right to say vulgar things to him because the cops will deal with him and many sites have been shut down due to this issue. So do not use vulgar language in the comments section below.

Who is Alexei Bychkov?

As we mentioned above, it was Alexei who raped the minor. Currently, he was in jail and charged with a second degree. He was born in 1997 and he was 24 years old. As a soldier, he led the war against Ukraine. If you are aware of what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. Many soldiers, including Alexei, fought in the war.

After the war, he found the baby. He did not mention where he is from and how he found him. At first he laughed at the baby and filmed it. Later, he sent the video to his classmates, and one of his classmates uploaded it to the Internet. This is where the video started to be shared on the internet and went viral. After a few days, the video became a trending topic on the Internet. Many media sites and news channels covered him for the crime he committed with the minor. People are stunned and can’t believe a soldier did this. People’s anger showed through the comments.

As the world knows, more than 2 months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine, and every day new news comes to the world. Some tell us that many soldiers died during the war, that this country lost its economy, something related to the war in addition. Now, according to current news, a Russian soldier has reportedly been arrested in Ukraine after a horrific video of a baby being raped was shared online.


According to the viral video, one of the Russian soldiers was arrested by Ukrainian security forces on charges of sharing a horrific video of a baby being raped online. The Russian soldier is believed to be 24 and filmed himself abusing the baby before sending the sickening footage to a fellow Russian, according to The Sun. Alexai Bychkow was arrested in Russia on Saturday after the vile clip was shared on social media over the weekend. Because the day before, a threat about Bychkov was posted on Twitter detailing the horror abuse.

What is the recorded video?

According to the report, which is currently in the limelight, a Russian soldier, who is only 24 years old, recorded a video of a baby. It was the baby’s assault video, because according to the claim, he recorded the video before he assaulted the baby. But it is not known when and where the video was recorded. After bringing the incident to the limelight, stream your news live and on demand with Flash, from CNN International, Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC World, CNBC and many more channels demanding justice.


Bychkov further reportedly shared other innocent baby abuse videos with friends and colleagues. It was previously unclear about him, but later information about him was posted by Russia in Russian language on social media app Vkontakte. According to reports, he was born in 197 near Stavropol in southwestern Russia and lives near Krasnodar, not far from Russian-occupied Crimea.

On April 8, Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova said that Russian soldiers had abducted more than 120,000 Ukrainian children. According to the report, some of them are raped and thousands have been smuggled across the Russian border. Ukrainians demand justice for their children and for themselves.

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