Toast in disguise claims hitting hard on YouTube is harder than Twitch

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, who streams on Tic full-time again after stint at Facebook Gaming, thinks it’s harder for content creators to thrive on YouTube than for streamers to shine Tic these days.

“Streaming has definitely been higher lately, but I would always say it’s harder to be a good YouTuber than it is to be a good streamer,” he said on the OTV podcast in July.

It relates to similar comments it happened in the past. Top Twitch star says YouTubers have to find success on their own, which is more complicated than streamers on his own platform who can simply rely on star-led collabs and dramas across multiple websites .

Disguised Toast admires that YouTubers have overcome this hurdle in their quest to succeed on the platform, saying it’s a testament to their superior work ethic.

Screenshot via Disguised Toast on Twitch

He admitted that his opinion was influenced by his experiences as a streamer on Twitch because he “knows how sausage is made” versus being a YouTuber, of which he is an outsider. The closest he’s come is his stint with Facebook Gaming, where he exclusively streamed games between November 2019 and November 2021.

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Yet he is fascinated by the elements they need to incorporate into their strategies to be successful, which is new and exciting compared to what he knows in the industry.

The subject was raised during a discussion with Gigguk, a YouTuber whose channel, which has 3.3 million subscribers, revolves around reviews, rants, and parodies about anime and anime culture. Gigguk started reviewing anime on his YouTube channel to dither his studies in 2007. It became his main focus in 2016 when he decided to go “all-in or bust”.

Luckily for him, it worked and he’s been struggling ever since.

Screenshot via Gigguk on YouTube

His journey exemplifies everything Toast said, and while he’s since collaborated with others and branched out in new directions, it’s been a long and winding road.

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