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Each application has its type of content and its users. You cannot dedicate all of your personality to content that is not required by the application. In 2022, you can encounter all types of content. It can be in the form of video, image or text. Some content can be hilarious and some can highlight serious issues. But you need to know which platform requires which type of content at which time. This is our take on what kind of content to create in 2022.

The first thing you need to think about is the type of audience you are creating content for. The audience will be the ones who like your content and motivate you to keep going. Based on the GWI study, we’ll highlight the type of content users anticipate on each app. So let’s find out.

You must be familiar with TikTok. It is the most downloaded app in the world and most people use it for fun. You will find people from different categories on this app and you will also see what type of content they prefer. TikTok is best known for its humorous content. If you’re advertising for one of your brands, you need to create fun content that will help you attract more customers. Compared to other apps, TikTok users want fun content 38% more than other apps. So that says a lot.

TikTok content should be bold and surprising because that’s what users want. The side of humor is creative content. Users love creativity in every way and TikTok is famous for its creativity. So it’s safe to say that your content should be humorous and creative for you to gain more followers.

The next application is Twitter. Twitter may be a versatile app, but it also has great content. Twitter is a slick app and you will mostly see informative tweets on this app. The information can be of any kind, whether related to music or politics. One thing about Twitter is that you will find the most reliable and accurate information here compared to other apps. Twitter is simple, so your content should be too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have humor in your tweets. Twitter users have a sense of humor, so if you want to add fun to your tweets, don’t hold back. Tweets are the most popular way to interact with people around the world.

YouTube is full of people who want informative content. YouTube users want to deepen their knowledge through videos. So, an informative video, along with some cool twists, will help you get an audience on your YouTube account.

Everything you see on Facebook will be funny memes. Facebook has a big community and it’s more than we imagine. Thus, Facebook’s content mainly revolves around entertainment. 1 in 5 brands want to distribute their content on Facebook because it’s all about the community.

Last but not least is Instagram. If we say this is a home for content creators, then it won’t be wrong. Instagram also has a great grip on several types of content. Fun content is more in demand, but creative content is the key to Instagram users’ hearts. Most brands on Instagram want their content to go viral, so they choose fun and creativity in their content to gain reach.

In short, fun and creative content is in demand. Brands and companies must therefore integrate humorous content if they want to have an impact.

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