TikTok outperforms Facebook uploads, YouTube viewing time, although we’re told no new social media app can.


While many in the tech industry lament the dominance of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple as the “big four,” TikTok’s flash successes in all measures suggest that new social media actually has a chance.

Guest post by Mike masnick by Techdirt

While I’m worried about the power that giant tech companies wield and want to create more competition, I’m still a little puzzled by the arguments people make that somehow “Big four” companies of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are so dominant that no new competitor will ever be able to catch up with them. It’s one thing to report similar posts on Myspace that totally dismissed Facebook as a potential competitor to this platform, but it’s another thing to see new social media apps… doing pretty well.

TikTok only really launched in 2017 (yes, there were a few predecessors, but what we now consider TikTok to launch in 2017 and only really took off after the purchase of Musical.ly ended. 2018), when we were previously told that Facebook and Google had completely locked down the market. Dammit, do you remember the original FTC complaint against Facebook didn’t even mention TikTok? And then the amended complaint (after the premiere rolled out) barely mentions her and only does so to emphasize that she is somehow different.

But, last month, it emerged that in 2020 TikTok was downloaded more than Facebook. Now, maybe you could try to argue that it’s because everyone already has Facebook on their phone, but it’s still remarkable. Perhaps even more remarkable is another report noting that TikTok has overtaken YouTube in average viewing time in the US and UK.

This report notes that YouTube still has more viewers, and therefore more overall time watched, but per user, users spend more time on TikTok than on YouTube.

There can always be reasonable concerns about the practices of large companies, if they are found to suppress competition. But it seems more and more difficult to buy the line that it is “impossible” that there are new entrants in the market these days. Because this is clearly not the case.

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