TikTok ad traffic more than halves as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook clicks drop

TikTok’s ad traffic jumped 51.5% year-on-year last month, while ad clicks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fell around 11%.

The news comes as Twitter recently rolled out its Blue subscription plan but, according to Similarweb, the signup page has attracted “well under a million” visits. It seems that despite the hype, Twitter users aren’t sold on the “Edit” button that Blue followers love.

Falling ad clicks will also be of concern to potential new owner Elon Musk and marketers. Overall traffic grew 4.5% last month to 6.8 billion users. However, the decline in ad clicks could lead some to believe that users no longer trust the ads served to them on the platform – or simply ignore them.

Musk thinks taking Twitter out of the stock market and moving it to a subscription model will boost engagement and improve the app for users.

“Winning of the deal remains really, really up in the air,” said David F Carr, chief information officer at Similarweb.

“But if Musk ends up owning Twitter and making it private, he’ll be buying a company that’s been damaged by the unrest he helped spark and which anyway suffers from many unsolvable problems, including its reputation as a hotbed of bots and misinformation. By focusing so much on the bot problem, it may have further undermined trust in Twitter as an advertising channel, which was already under pressure due to economic and demographic forces, such as young people’s affinity for TikTok. .

“One of Musk’s suggested remedies for Twitter’s business challenges is to move to a subscription model rather than an ad model. This change might even help weed out some of the bots by positively identifying humans with a card. credit in hand.

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