These 23 entrepreneurs left Amazon to found their own advertising and marketing startups

  • Amazon is known for fueling entrepreneurship through its leadership culture and principles.
  • Some marketing startup founders credit this culture with helping them build their own business.
  • Insider identified 23 of these founders and their companies.

Amazon is a giant with 1.6 million employees, but former executives say working there often feels like running their own business, due to strict adherence to Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles for Safety. responsibility, innovation and customer focus.

Founder Jeff Bezos developed these principles early in the company, and CEO Andy Jassy modified them in 2021 after replacing Bezos.

These principles have helped many Amazon employees start their own businesses. And Amazon’s booming advertising business, which has grown into a $31 billion business that rivals Google and Facebook, has proven to be an incubator for new entrepreneurial talent.

These business owners are building businesses that help advertisers get better service and insights into Amazon’s advertising campaigns, and help advertisers take advantage of Amazon’s new advertising formats like streaming TV and marketing. of influence.

“We operate with a ‘Day 1’ mentality – a startup mindset that keeps us nimble and drives us to make smart, quick decisions,” a company spokesperson said. “For many, this mentality shapes their view of the world and stays with them well beyond their time at Amazon.”

Insider identified 23 former Amazon employees who founded advertising and marketing companies through a mix of our reporting and nominations from their industry peers.

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