The LaBrant family’s YouTube video comparing abortion to the Holocaust skyrockets

A YouTube family channel’s video comparing abortion to some of the deadliest mass killings in history has climbed the platform’s ranks for “abortion” search results after sparking widespread backlash on social media.

The video from popular family channel The LaBrant Fam has garnered more than 3.1 million views since it was posted on April 9.

Just ten days later, it’s already ranked 15th among hundreds of thousands of videos searching for the term “abortion”, beaten only by content posted at least a year ago.

Family influencers are a controversial social media niche, having long drawn accusations of parents exploiting their children for internet fame. With over 13 million YouTube subscribers, the LaBrant family earned their fair share of controversy long before the anti-abortion video.

Cole LaBrant (L) and Savannah LaBrant attend Paramount Pictures’ ‘Ben-Hur’ premiere at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on August 16, 2016 in Hollywood, California. The LaBrants faced backlash online after posting an anti-abortion YouTube video.
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The family of social media stars includes Cole LaBrant, who rose to fame through the now defunct video-sharing app Vine, his wife Savannah and their three young children.

The LaBrants’ YouTube channel typically features content on par with most family influencers, like sharing personal updates, participating in viral trends, and pranks on each other.

Critics of the family’s content have focused on the extent to which their children are involved, such as the decision to create individual Instagram profiles for each child, as well as a video titled “She was diagnosed with cancer” which has initially led social media users to I think one of the LaBrant children had the disease (she didn’t.)

Cole and Savannah LaBrant had also been open about their Christian faith, sometimes in controversial ways. In several tweets, Cole LaBrant has opposed abortion in cases of rape, at one point saying he would “strongly encourage” his own daughter not to abort a baby conceived as a result of assault.

However, their 38-minute video titled “Abortion. (Documentary)” took a sharper ideological twist.

LaBrants’ video – which was posted with comments disabled – opens by comparing the number of people killed during the Holocaust, as well as the Rwandan and Cambodian genocides, to the alleged number of abortions that took place in the United States. United.

“So while we were shooting this documentary, our friends, our family, our mentors asked us why we were doing this?” Cole LaBrant said in the video. “There are so many risks, why are we doing this, why are we adding flames to an already crazy fire?”

He continued: “And the answer is just if a baby is safe from it, if a mother chooses to keep her baby, then it’s worth it. This documentary in no way tries to illegalize the abortion, after this documentary you’re still going to have a choice.

“But I know there will be a mother watching, maybe five, maybe 10, maybe 100, maybe a thousand, we have no idea of ​​the ripple effects.”

Newsweek contacted the LaBrant family.

In the video, the couple interviews sources that include two anti-abortion medical professionals and several women who were considering terminating their pregnancies (but ultimately decided against it).

While the LaBrants’ target audience is families with children, their latest video addresses abortion with graphic descriptions and images. Three photos depicting dead fetuses as a result of miscarriages

A YouTube spokesperson said Newsweek“We are committed to removing any content that violates our Community Guidelines, and we vigorously enforce our policies prohibiting graphic content through a combination of machine learning and human review.”

The LaBrants’ video promotes Embrace Grace, a ministry aimed at encouraging single women facing unplanned pregnancies to keep their babies. The organization’s founder, Amy Ford, was also interviewed.

Ford is the author of several anti-abortion books. In a book titled Help her be braveshe listed ways readers can carry out the movement’s mission.

These include spotting pregnant women without wedding rings to “engage in intentional, Holy Spirit-led conversation” or reviewing Facebook buy/sell groups for users who appear to be single women. asking for lightly used baby items.

Ford also promoted a program that trains volunteers to approach women who enter clinics offering abortion services.

The LaBrants’ video also promotes Live Action, an anti-abortion group that says its “hard-hitting investigations expose the abortion industry’s lies, abuses and cover-ups.”

After sharing their video, the LaBrants were criticized on social media for creating “propaganda” and comparing abortion to historical atrocities. Female social media users have also taken issue with the fact that Cole LaBrant weighs in on women’s reproductive choices as a man.

“Is the LaBrant family ‘pro-life’ or pro exploiting your children to millions of people for millions of dollars?!” one user wrote on Twitter.

“The LaBrant family can fuck up,” tweeted another, accusing the family of “exploiting their children” and “making false cancer claims for click bait” before concluding, “Some people deserve be cancelled”.

In his reaction to the LaBrants’ video, TikToker @saralmack said the family was “F-ing crazy.”

“I started watching the video and had to turn it off within 10 minutes because it’s basically Cole telling the world why abortion is wrong, why you shouldn’t have an abortion like it might fall off pregnant and having a baby himself,” she said.

“I really like the part when they say ‘Oh we wouldn’t know what we would do without our kids,'” TikTok user @alyssstephanie said. “Yeah, you’re not going to live your million dollar lifestyle exploiting your kids.”

LaBrants’ video began with a disclaimer that “All ad revenue generated from this video will be donated directly to local pregnancy centers.” (Advertising revenue isn’t the only income a YouTube creator can earn, as commercial sponsorships are also commonplace.)

However, according to the National Catholic Register, the LaBrants’ video has been demonetized by YouTube. Conservative newspaper The Daily Wire reported that Instagram took down the video when the LaBrants shared it on the platform.

Instagram’s deletion appalled GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who tweeted: “There was no good reason to ban this. You can open Instagram and be inundated with hot photos of every IG ‘model’ on earth, but when someone posts about the horrors of abortion, it’s forbidden ?”

Since the backlash, Cole and Savannah LaBrant have made their Twitter accounts private.

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