The best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cases for 2022

If you are an Amazon Kindle enthusiast, the Kindle White Book Case is for you. Although most modern iPhones and Androids have reading apps, there’s no such thing as a device that’s all about reading. These cases also provide significant protection against unforced drops or drops, extending the life of your beloved reading tool.

Case vs Screen Protector
The battle between case and screen protector is interesting because in most cases they work hand in hand to protect mobile devices. Cases have become more ubiquitous in recent years, due to the all-encompassing protection they provide. Because the exterior of Amazon Kindles is made from an injection-molded plastic casing, it’s vulnerable to severe damage without any form of rugged protection, should it be dropped. And because the plastic surface offers no real grip, mistaken slips are inevitable.

The cases not only provide overall protection for the case of an electrical device, but they also provide better grip. Many cases with reinforced corners absorb pressure when dropped, protecting your Kindle from serious damage. However, a protective case does not prevent scratches and cracking of your screen, which is a potential downside, if you want a case.

This is where screen protectors come in. Screen protectors are specially designed to protect your screen from cracking after mistaken drops. Screen protectors are available in different sizes and materials. While some are designed purely for safety, other screens reduce angles to prevent unwanted onlookers from glancing at your device, while others help reduce glare from bright light that comes from of your device. Depending on your needs, you will determine which of these protection devices you purchase for your Kindle or other mobile device.

Do I really need a case?
Honestly, you don’t need a case, but is it useful? Yes. The requirement for a case depends on how and where you use your Kindle. If you only use it at home, in the comfort of your bed twice a week, a case may not be necessary. However, if you like to read and carry your Kindle everywhere, a case would be a useful additional protection to preserve the life of your device.

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