Steal ITZY’s Crazy In Love Style With These Amazon Finds

In addition to giving us amazing music and visuals, ITZY also gives us amazing outfits with each of their comebacks. The Crazy in Love was no exception, and this might be our favorite ITZY fashion era to date! We’re sure you love their dynamic style as much as we do, so we wanted to share some of the best dupes we’ve found on Amazon – let’s recreate our favorite looks together!

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Let’s start with our daughter Chaeryeong! She rocked a sophisticated navy look for the “LOCO” music video and teasers, which you can replicate with this gorgeous blazer. Button it up to reflect his version or keep it open and wear it with your favorite ITZY shirt for a more laid-back look.


Lia’s shirt from the “SWIPE” music video is from a limited-edition Adidas collaboration, so it’s unfortunately no longer available. But if you’re feeling smart, you can customize this white puff sleeve shirt to match his! You can glue fabric or sew a small black ribbon to reproduce the stripes on the shoulders.


Ryujin pairs so well with the photos in her sophisticated and playful photo album, and you can do the same with this adorable mini dress. Pair it with an oversized dress shirt like this and your favorite ‘SNEAKERS’, then you’ll be ready to Ryu-double!


The “SWIPE” music video had such cool outfits, and Yeji’s outfit especially stood out for us! Although we found a dupe for her silver coat, we wanted to spotlight these ripped jeans instead as they are more versatile and could easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe.

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Yuna looked like a princess in this dress from the ‘LOCO’ video, and now you can too with this KoJooin dupe! Complete it with a spiked headband and silver jewelry to channel her look, and you can even add a black heart-shaped belt for an even cuter edge. Bonus points if you carry a blue teddy bear.

Which of these outfits is your favorite? Have you added one of our picks to your cart? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! And for more ITZY content, you will be crazy in Love with, click here.


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