Sheffield Instagram star behind viral Dianne & Co videos hits back at ‘hateful’ comments

Hairstylist Keelan Justice, who runs the Lavo salon in Heeley, has racked up millions of views as his comedic alter ego Dianne, a single mother from Parson Cross, has landed lucrative endorsement deals.

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Sheffield hairdresser goes viral as comedic alter-ego racks up millions of views on…

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Keelan Justice as the character in her comic creation Dianne, which became an online sensation, with videos racking up millions of views on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

When a hater commented “that’s a guy in women’s clothes,” accompanied by a series of laughing face emojis, he felt moved to respond.

“I’m so sorry they had you as a mother,” he replied, adding four puking emojis.

“Comedy videos got me through Covid and made my daughter happy”

That didn’t stop the troll, who fired back using a homophobic slur and adding ‘don’t mention my kids – at least mine won’t grow up wearing makeup and dresses’.

Keelan shared the exchange, which sparked disgust among his followers, generating some 2,200 comments full of support for him and condemnation for the woman behind the abuse.

One fan wrote, “You made my daughter’s birthday so beautiful with your post. When someone has terminal cancer, it’s the little things that matter. You don’t know her and you made her smile, laugh and feel loved!

“You’re amazing, you’re so laughable, so please ignore bigoted women, you’ll always be better than that.”

Another commented: “My God, imagine being so bitter and hateful and narrow minded. His poor children.

And a third person wrote, “What a narrow-minded woman. I feel sorry for his children. If it wasn’t for Dianne & Co that got me through Covid I don’t know what I would have done. Keep being you, you are a treasure.

Keelan once told how the phenomenon started by chance when he one day started playing with a piece of synthetic blonde hair and came up with the character of Dianne.

He described her as an affectionate caricature of the people in his life and insisted he was “not making fun of anyone” and would hate for anyone to take offense.

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