Senator Manchin urges Zuckerberg to ban Russian media from Facebook

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin has urged Mark Zuckerberg to disarm Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dangerous disinformation campaign by banning Russian state-controlled media from Meta platforms.

Senator Manchin is chair of the Senate Armed Forces Cyber ​​Security Subcommittee.

Zuckerberg is the CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

“Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine killed hundreds of innocent people, many of them women and children. This senseless terror represents a flagrant violation of international law and poses an unprecedented threat to international security and stability, but Russian state-controlled media such as Russia Today and Sputnik News continue to operate unhindered on your platforms,” said Senator Manchin in part. “As the media arm of Vladimir Putin spreading his favorite narrative around the world, these outlets have a direct role in the ongoing violence and the spread of misinformation.”

Last January, the US State Department released a report detailing the role of Russia Today and Sputnik News as critical elements of Russia’s disinformation and propaganda ecosystem, making it clear that both outlets amplify content generated by the Kremlin and Russian intelligence to weaponize social media and promote disinformation to change public opinion on Ukraine in the United States and around the world.

“The Ukrainian people are suffering enough from Russia’s mortar attacks and airstrikes; surely they don’t need the added indignity of harmful myths perpetuated on your platforms in the service of Putin’s war. I urge you to immediately remove Russia Today, Sputnik News and other Russian-controlled media from your platforms to prevent the spread of misinformation. There is no justifiable reason to continue giving Vladimir Putin a voice on Facebook, Instagram and your other platforms,” Senator Manchin continued.

Here is the full letter Senator Manchin sent to Zuckerberg:

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