Scorn received a series of short clips on Facebook showing his world

Although appearing silent on its YouTube page since its release date trailer, Contempt got several short clips about the game official facebook page. The most recent one, released over the weekend, shows 11 seconds of ContemptThe Giger-inspired setting and visuals.

Another one short excerptreleased earlier this month, showed off some of the game’s architecture. anotherstarting May 12, shows a bit more of the game’s setting. Anotherreleased on May 5, shows what appears to be a player weapon upgrade.

Contempt received these short trailers, giving fans a quick look at the game, for a while.

Besides these small trailers, however, the studio behind Contempt, Ebb Software, has been relatively quiet. His last major announcement, from December 2021, was that Contempt will be released in October 2022. The announcement comes with a release date trailer.

In Contemptplayers will explore areas that clearly draw inspiration from the works of HR Giger and battle horrific creatures with unique weapons. Contempt is slated to come to PC and Xbox Series X/S, and has been confirmed as a Day 1 Game Pass release.

For more on Scorn, check out our interview with Game Director Ljubomir Peklar.

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