San Antonio judge under fire for YouTube parody video

A San Antonio judge seeking re-election is under fire for a YouTube video his opponent calls “unworthy”.

Carlos Quezada, 289th District Court Judge, was featured in a parody video published on YouTube the January 30 showing him presiding over a mock trial against a woman who stole Cleto Rodriguez’s “lucky” underwear (yes that Cleto), or chons, and used them as a rag for cleaning, reports the Express-News.

Quezada, a Democratic presidential hopeful, told Express-News he didn’t think anyone would take the video seriously because he was having fun. His opponent in the Democratic primary, Rose Zebell-Sosa, believes that Quezada violates the rules of judicial ethics.

The video is clunky to say the least, but it also leaves us with a lot of questions. Some of them responded. Some of them don’t.

Who made the video?

The video was posted by a channel called The Carpenter’s Apprentice, which is believed to be owned by a man named Roy Aguillon, according to the Express-News report.


Exactly. The Express-News says Aguillon is a Southside political activist who unsuccessfully ran for San Antonio City Council in 2015.

From a welcome video on his channel, Aguillon credits writer and right-wing figure Jordan Peterson for helping him get his life back on track. Peterson publicly did transphobic and insulting remarks against feminists. Peterson thinks feminism is destroying America. And the men.

Why did Quezada make the video?

The video is a little cringeworthy, but apparently Quezada has been campaigning for re-election to his district judge seat. Near the end of the video, he asks the false plaintiff and the defendant for their votes.

Why is Cleto involved?

We are not sure. He’s a local celebrity and Cleto appears in several of Aguillon’s videos, including a recent video segment he presents as “Cleto’s Community” where he interviews Pamela Espurvoa Allen, founder of Eagle’s Flight Advocacy and Outreach.

Can this harm Quezada’s campaign?

His opponent Zebell-Sosa seems to hint that it is possible. She told the Express-News that she found it “disturbing, outrageous and disappointing”. His opponent claims the video also promotes stereotyping.

Could this harm his position as a judge?

Again, Zebell-Sosa seems to think it’s possible. Judges are required to rules and standards of conduct established by the State Commission on Judicial Ethics.

Did he break any rules?

That remains to be seen. Jacqueline Habersham, executive director of the SCJC, told the Express-News whether Quezada broke any of the rules to warrant an investigation.

How often does the SCJC judge discipline?

Often enough. In fact, there is a whole public records suspensions, resignations and sanctions.

Why is the video so long?

It lasts five minutes. The “joke” is presented in the first minute and 30 seconds. After a while, the “holey chones” speech becomes awkward. Maybe there will be a crossover?

It’s serious?

It depends who you talk to. There have been more serious judicial violations and investigations against Texas judges in the past. There was a district judge in Polk County who was accused of being biased against a defendant and a Burnet County judge who took to Facebook to say the man charged with the murder of SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi should be lynched.

Was it really Cleto’s underwear?

God, I sure hope not.

We do not care?

The primaries and midterms are approaching, so only time will tell. Some of his supporters and people on the fence might rightfully be offended by the video, which Zebell-Sosa says mocks legal proceedings. Or they couldn’t care at all.

Election day for the primaries is March 1.

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