Quincy School District calls on community to crack down on Instagram accounts targeting local students | Columbia Basin

QUINCY – Help. Reporting. To block. This is a shorthand guideline the Quincy School District is asking community members to follow when it comes to potentially damaging social media accounts that profile children, videos of school brawls show , pictures of children using the toilet, etc.

“Over the past few weeks, the district has reported to Instagram several Instagram accounts using district graphics that are in no way associated with the district. We have reported these accounts to Instagram on multiple accounts and devices, ”the district wrote. “If you see any of these Instagram accounts please help us by reporting it to Instagram and blocking them.”

Quincy Police Captain Ryan Green said the police department are working in the school district and reaching out to Facebook and Instagram to rid social media of these accounts and prevent them from happening.

After further research, the profiles use the Quincy Schools jackrabbit logo with the profiles. The stories poke fun at the so-called “rednicks” who attend school in Quincy, “ugly” students, “pretty” students, “ugly hairstyles”, “shoes and bathroom” and fights .

One video in particular portrayed, portrayed or captured a student watching pornography on their phone in class. Other photos show photos of teachers and staff from behind and appear to mock them for their awkward positions when talking to students.

Many Instagram accounts begin with “QHS” (Quincy High School) or “QMS” (Quincy Middle School).

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