Pokimane not joining Facebook Gaming, could be YouTube

A few days ago, popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys revealed the shocking fact that she Tic contract had ended after two years. Pokimane has been a huge star on the Twitch platform for quite some time, making him one of the most recognizable streamers associated with the service. She doesn’t say what’s next, but did promise fans they’ll see “the next chapter” on February 8.

Obviously, it’s not far off, but many believe she’s leaving Twitch – after all, she probably would have renewed the contract without much fanfare if she intended to stay. Not only is this a big shake-up in the streaming world, but it’s left many fans curious and speculating about what or where she’ll be going next. Everything from Facebook Gaming to YouTube Gaming has been speculated by its fan base.


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Now, just days before that “next chapter” was revealed, Pokimane appeared on a stream with Nezst. She says she’ll give her a process of elimination stating where she won’t go, referring to abandoned Periscope, jokingly referring to non-existent TikTok Gaming (even though the game itself is popular on TikTok) , and seriously mentioning Facebook Game. As such, this rules out a viable option for Pokimane as she moves forward.

So, where does Pokimane go after Twitch?

The removal of Facebook Gaming really only leaves a few viable options for the streamer. The first, and now most likely, is YouTube Gaming, as they don’t mention it in their process of elimination. Pokimane already has a YouTube account where she has posted videos in the past, with over 6.7 million subscribers. As such, it’s a reasonable destination for the streamer, and it’s not like it’ll be the first to go for YouTube. She would join Dr Disrespect, who joined YouTube Gaming after his still-mysterious Twitch ban, as well as TimTheTatman who made the jump more recently. Other former Twitch streamers now on YouTube Gaming include DrLupo, CouRage, Valkyrae, and more.

The second option, although more unlikely if it remains technically viable, is that it ultimately does not leave Twitch. It was never explicitly said that she was, and it could be that she negotiated a bigger contract that will serve as her big reveal and next chapter. The third option is that she is simply not going to stream reliably anywhere, but will continue to do so much less often while pursuing her various other sources of income, such as her company RTS, where she would largely continue to support new and upcoming streamers from a direction side.

Right now, anything is possible. Facebook Gaming or stepping away seem like the most likely circumstances, though Pokimane has spoken about retiring in 2021 but has reportedly decided against it. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens on February 8.

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