Parent asks Reddit if it’s ‘cheesy’ to link to Amazon’s wishlist on one-year-old’s birthday party invitation


A parent preparing for their one-year-old’s birthday party wonders if they can give their guests a Amazon wish list. And the parents are torn apart.

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Posted on the Subreddit r /Parenthood, the parent explains his position:

“Is it pretentious to tie a Amazon wish list [on] the invitation to the party? I plan to phrase it as “suggested gifts if they need ideas”.

“I really don’t want more wacky electronic toys. He already has so many that we don’t even have [taken] some of those we received for the baby shower / Christmas still out of their packaging.

“Plus, we have stuff he really needs, so I’d rather we got some useful gifts rather than more toys.

“I’m afraid I look like I qualify or expect people to give her these gifts if I link the wishlist.”

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Some parents say it’s ugly, while others think it’s okay

Editors were torn as to whether the mention of gifts on the invitation was acceptable.

“I think it’s old-fashioned to wait for gifts from people. Gifts are nice but are not a prerequisite for attending a party. That’s the vibe we love to get at a party, ”one user wrote.

“Personally, I think it’s cheesy to put it on the invite, but I know a lot of people do it anyway. Personally, I would keep it and give it to people if they ask for it, ”another user commented.

“IMO, this is ugly. You throw a party, you don’t dictate the gifts, but you don’t have to keep them either. If you don’t want a bunch of things you haven’t specifically chosen, you can ask people not to bring gifts or donate to a charity you support, ”one user replied.

“Tacky, straight and rude. Same as asking for money on a wedding invite. I would forward an invitation with a gift list attached, ”another user commented.

“I think if you put something like, ‘No freebies are needed, but if you feel obligated and want some ideas, here’s our list of things we’d appreciate. “Then the link,” one user suggested.

“I think it’s 100% good. I like when people give a list. It is so much easier to get a gift. I hate trying to figure out what to get, ”replied another user.

“Is it technically against old-fashioned etiquette that some people still stick to feeling good?” Yes. Is it objectively rude and should it always be seen as bad manners? No. Times have changed, ”replied one user.

“I think it’s great, I prefer to buy something that they really want and that will be useful to them. Kids getting too much plastic tattoo, I wish more people would, ”another user said.

“I would appreciate it. kids are much older and I wouldn’t know where to start, ”one user wrote.

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