New “from Meta” brand starts appearing on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger apps on Android and iOS

Previously, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger displayed the “Facebook” test at the bottom of the screen

Facebook to Meta: The new ‘Meta’ branding has started to appear in all (formerly) Facebook company apps – Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook as well as Messenger. The Mark Zuckerberg-owned company announced last week that it was changing its name from Facebook to Meta, and now all of those apps now display the Meta brand. Previously, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger would display the “Facebook” test at the bottom of the screen, but now all three of these apps as well as the Facebook app display the text “Meta”. The branding has changed for apps on Android and iOS platforms.

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The rebranding of the company appears to be in line with the tech giant’s recent investment in the metaverse, which is an immersive virtual experience, and it appears the rebranding is aimed at moving the company away from the traditional social media with which it has become synonymous with to a large extent. Metaverse is something that is gaining momentum quickly, even Microsoft being one of the many tech companies working there, and Facebook (or Meta, now) is apparently trying to take advantage with the company’s name change.

As of yet, it’s unclear whether or not this change would result in further changes to the Facebook app, but it seems like something we’ll only find out over time.

The rebranding, while officially seen as a move towards the metaverse, could also be the company’s distancing from the slandered image that has become attached to Facebook in large part due to several counts of contrary behavior. ethics on the part of the company that were revealed. With the rebranding, only the Facebook app will retain the name while other apps will be associated with the parent company, now named Meta. It could be that the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg is aiming to dissociate the rest of the products from Facebook, which is not only now infamous but also very unpopular among young people.

This is also clear from the announcement by WhatsApp Director Will Cathcart last week in which he said the new branding would appear on the instant messaging platform. In the same announcement, he said the update was to recognize that WhatsApp’s parent company was “more than Facebook.”

The company has been working on developing experiences around augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and Zuckerberg said Meta will be a metaverse that allows people to interact virtually in an immersive way on the internet. However, no further details about this are known at this time.

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