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Samsung has announced the extension of its bespoke customization to its most popular French door refrigerator models. (For those unaware, the French door refrigerator design features two doors that open outward with a slot in the middle.) This means that Samsung’s French door refrigerator models are now available in 3- and 4-door configurations and they come in 12 different colors (blue, yellow, white, gray, pink, and charcoal among them) with two finishes (glass and steel), too. We covered Samsung’s Bespoke range when it announced last year that it would expand beyond Bespoke fridges to home cleaning and garment care projects. Samsung also launched its Galaxy S22 line in February, though it’s your smartphone — not your fridge — that could use the upgrade.

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If you’re not looking to spruce up your kitchen and identify as an adult Legos (or AFOL) fan – or maybe you’re a bit of both – Lego has announced its latest release in its Creator Expert line: the Back To The Future DeLorean is out April 1. Previous models in Lego’s Creator Expert range include the iconic 731-piece Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker and the 2,048-piece Friends Apartments. Generally curious about Lego? Check out our recommendations for the 8 best Lego sets for every age. And while we’d all rather play with Lego sets than prolong the often excruciating experience of paying our taxes, trust me, we’ve investigated how selling your home in 2021 will impact your tax liability this year. It depends on a few key factors, such as marital status, how long you’ve owned the property, and the state you live in.

Amazon’s brand of Wi-Fi routers, Eero, has launched a new suite of Wi-Fi routers. In what it calls its “most advanced Wi-Fi system ever” and the first Wi-Fi system The company’s Fi 6E, Eero claims that the Pro 6E can support a speed of up to 2.3 gigabits per second. Eero says that breaks down to 1 gigabit per second for wired devices and 1.3 gigabits per second for wireless devices. The Eero Pro 6E is so named given that it can access Wi-Fi 6E, an upgrade from Wi-Fi 6 that allows routers to use more portions of the wireless spectrum previously locked down by the FCC — learn more about Wi-Fi 6 routers. Each Eero Pro 6E device covers up to 2,000 square feet (to cover more area, you’ll want to consider multiple satellites) and can act as a smart home hub for select Thread devices and Zigbee.

  1. The Eero Pro 6E comes in a 2-pack for $499
  2. And a 3-pack for $699

Amazon’s Eero 6+ is its most affordable Wi-Fi system supporting gigabit speed, according to the company. This Wi-Fi 6 system has enough bandwidth to support 75 devices on the connection, and each Eero 6+ covers up to 1,500 square feet, Eero says. Like the Eero Pro 6E, it can act as a smart home hub for certain Thread and Zigbee devices.

  1. The Eero 6+ comes in a 2-pack for $239
  2. And a 3-pack for $299

Best sellers to shop

We’ve rounded up the current sales you should know about based on Select reader interest and our previous coverage.

  1. Robust – a favorite among Select staff – is offering 15% off the sale sitewide with code SPRING15.

  2. CLMBR is offering $504 off its connected machine through March 24 with free delivery and assembly. We recommended Connected from CLMBR in our guide to vertical climbers.

  3. Williams SonomaThe Fresh Savings event means 70% off select cookware, including beloved brands like Le Creuset, All-Clad and W&P.

  4. Equipment is running its Anniversary Sale through March 24, offering 20% ​​off sitewide with code HERESTOYOU.

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