Meta outlines new opportunities for reel creators via Facebook Stars donations

As part of its announcement of expanded monetization options for creators earlier this week, Meta noted that it would be opening his Facebook stars creator donation process to all eligible creators “so more people can start making money from their Reels, Live or VOD videos.”

Now Meta has provided more insight on how Reels creators, in particular, will be able to earn Stars donations, which until recently were only available to game streamers in its apps.

According Meta’s New OutlineReels creators who meet these new requirements will now be able to accept Stars donations for their Reels clips.

  • Have maintained at least 1,000 subscribers in the past 60 days
  • operate in one of the following markets: United States, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Peru, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Zealand , Portugal, Belgium, Chile, Australia, Argentina
  • Meta Compliant Partner Monetization Rules and Content monetization policies

Meta reiterates that it plans to expand Stars on Reels to all creators using Stars in the coming months, but this is the current starting point for accessing the option.

On top of that, and to help raise awareness of Stars as a donation option to support your favorite creators, Meta is also bring back his star party an event – “a month-long celebration that began June 15 and will run through July 15 to recognize the creators of Stars.”

“We will have a Star sale, limited-time virtual giveaways and badges for people who send over 500 stars, new educational content, a week of creator programming, and a bonus opportunity that multiplies star earnings for select Stars on Reels creators .

In this context, Meta is also launching a new #StarsEverywhere contest, which will give creators who start using Stars the chance to win $1,000 by adding the hashtag #StarsEverywhere to their posts during Stars Fest.

With The coils being the fastest growing content format on Meta platforms, he wants to provide more opportunities for more creators to post reels on the app, to better incentivize participation and prevent them from drifting to TikTok instead. This is why it also extends its Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program to all US-based creators, and test New ways for creators to make money on Instagram and Facebook with cross-posted content.

“For example, Instagram to Facebook cross-reels may be eligible to earn revenue share through Facebook Overlay Ads, which we deploy globally in many markets, as well as the Facebook Reels Play Bonus program. “

Meta will soon also allow creators to use its “Paid Partnerships With” label for branded content on Facebook Reels, and allow sponsors to easily convert those clips into branded content ads.

In combination, these could provide significant revenue potential for savvy Reels creators, and again prevent them from switching to TikTok instead, which is the trending app of the moment, but doesn’t offer the same level of monetization that Meta and YouTube can, on a larger scale.

TikTok is still developing its monetization systems, and right now it’s a key weak spot that Meta and YouTube are looking to exploit, which could eventually become a bigger problem for TikTok, if top stars realize they would be better served by focusing on their applications instead.

That’s not to say TikTok won’t work, but amid growing challenges and creator frustration with dwindling payouts, it will be a key battleground for social media dominance over the next year.

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