Meet Side Logic: A Prolific Youtube Streamer and Pro Gamer

Side Logic never imagined it would achieve so much name and fame in such a short time. But he did. And since we know nothing succeeds like success, so does Side Logic. He is now basking in the glory of his surreal feat as a prolific gamer and most promising social media influencer.

Hailing from Melbourne, Side Logic has always been determined to do something big in the world of virtual gaming. He was just waiting for the right moment. Today, he enjoys the support of over a million fans and subscribers on YouTube and other social media channels, but his struggle was real.

“I have been in love with video games since my childhood. I wanted to make it my job. But the problem is that such career options are always risky. When I quit my job and focused entirely on online gaming, my father vehemently opposed it. But I made the most of it. I have no regrets about leaving a luxurious job. I’m glad I proved my distractors wrong. Side Logic said.

How it all began

All children love video games, but very few retain their interest in them as they grow up. But Side Logic was different. When he was a kid, he loved playing these games, but as he grew up, he began to analyze each of these games more seriously.

After watching many YouTube videos, he decided to become a YouTuber. His sole motive behind becoming a streamer was to simplify the nuances of video games into simple terms for his audience.

Immediately after passing his high school leaving exam, he decided to become a YouTube streamer, but his father wanted him to continue his education. But Side Logic forged ahead with their innate desire to embark on the path to becoming a successful streamer and professional gamer.

“I also got a job in the real estate industry with a lucrative salary package. But I don’t want to do something that doesn’t interest me. I was one of the top performers in real estate in Australia at the time; I decided to pursue a career in video games. I knew my dad was mad at my decision, but I managed to carve my own path in the game,” Side Logic exclaimed.

The journey continues

Today, Side Logic is the most promising social media influencer in the gaming niche. He has over a million followers on various social media channels. Several social media companies like GFuel, Aftershock, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok have collaborated with him to use their platforms.

Side Logic makes a lot of money by posting videos on its YouTube channel. He was also featured on ESPN, a popular sports channel, for presenting a case study on his Call of Duty video, which gained over 5 million likes on Tik Tok.

In conclusion

Side Logic believes there is a huge opportunity in gaming. If a person is hardworking, honest, sincere, and passionate about gaming, the sky is the limit for them.

Side Logic started his YouTube channel when he was barely an adult. But starting early gives you the launch pad to innovate and experiment with your strategies. Side Logic also started experimenting with its ideas and worked on community development.

“Everything you do in life, networking plays a crucial role. And before networking, community building is equally important. I would have been nothing without my community. am grateful to everyone who supported me in my endeavors,” Side Logic concluded.

You can follow Side Logic on Tic, Youtube, instagram, ICT Tac, TwitterWhere Discord.

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