Malaysian singer Namewee loses nearly 1,000 videos after her YouTube channel was hacked

Namewee’s YouTube channel was apparently hacked, causing him to lose nearly 1,000 videos, his agent told Taiwanese media.

The Malaysian artist had created his channel in 2006 and has 3.27 million subscribers, and had garnered some 1.4 billion views.

However, currently the channel has no content. And Namewee’s name in the main profile has been replaced with a phrase in Russian.

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A screenshot of Namewee’s channel. Picture: YouTubeAccording to a Taiwanese news portal, Namewee is trying to restore its videos and its management team has contacted YouTube for help.

Meanwhile, on his Facebook, Namewee – who is in London at the moment – posted a video regarding the incident.

“I have been running this channel for 13 years; it is a very long journey. But, it’s all gone now,” he said.

He then continued with a message to the hacker, shouting angrily in a foreign language. He ended the video with: “We support Ukraine. (expletive) Russia.

The award-winning singer-rapper has courted more than a few controversies due to his music videos, which he shared freely on his YouTube channel.

For example, his song titled Brittle – featuring Australian singer Kimberley Chen – reached more than 30 million views on YouTube before being deleted by mainland Chinese censors in November 2021.

“I never limit myself or impose self-censorship,” Namewee told reporters in Taipei at the time. “For me, good creations must come from the heart, they must be sincere.”

Similarly, Namewee Y’s music videoDo you know who my father is? – which was released on May 28, 2021 – caught the attention of many due to its lyrics and music video. A reference to K-pop group Blackpink in the song particularly pissed off fans.

Namewee, however, was unfazed by the backlash. Instead, he thanked Blackpink fans for the additional views of the music video.

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