Lawmakers ask Facebook and Instagram to explain why they removed abortion posts

In a letter to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren expressed concern over the receipt of abortion-related content. strange treatment on Meta platforms.

Just after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, Motherboard found that posts offering to provide abortion pills were deleted from Facebook seconds after they were posted. The Associated Press observed similar posts about abortion pills disappearing from Instagram “within moments”. Instagram also hid abortion-related content behind warning screens, behavior the company described as a “bug” but did not explain further.

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The senators went into detail about the abortion-related posts and accounts that Meta removed:

“Reports indicate that several posts providing specific information on how to legally access abortion services were deleted, often within minutes of the information being posted. Others reported that posts mentioning abortion were removed or tagged with “sensitivity screens” and warnings, including a post promoting an abortion documentary, a post titled “Abortion in America, How You Can Help” and a post by a healthcare worker describing how people were already harmed by laws banning abortion.An organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about their abortion rights has had its account temporarily suspended. users reported similar issues last fall when Texas law banning six-week abortions went into effect.”

In a response on Twitter, Meta Policy communications director Andy Stone noted that the company’s policies do not allow prescription drug transactions, but did not explain the enforcement gap between publications about abortion pills and publications offering to supply other prescription drugs.

Klobuchar and Warren are asking for “additional information about what Meta is doing to address company policy enforcement issues” — information that could explain Meta’s obviously aggressive handling of abortion-related content.

The senators are asking Meta for answers to a number of questions the company hasn’t been transparent about, including how many abortion-related posts it has removed since June 24, how many these posts have been reinstated and what training material on abortion the company provides to its content moderators. Applications have a July 15 deadline.

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