ITV Good Morning Britain reveals major change with new YouTube show



ITV has announced a major change to its flagship morning show Good Morning Britain by bringing a new series to its YouTube channel.

ITV has announced that the new online series will be called Off The Table and will feature four 15-minute shows each month.

The series will focus on hot topics such as money, climate change, culture cancellation and life after Covid – some of the most significant issues affecting 18-34s in modern Britain today. ‘hui.

Presented by television presenter and cultural curator Julie Adenuga, it will lead the debate as viewers hear the diverse opinions of a panel of influencers, activists and journalists they can relate to.

Popular names include James Barr, Ryan Mark Parsons, Kaz Kamwi, Grace Blakely, Dr Emeka, Benjamin Butterworth, and Esther Krakue.

Julie Adenuga said: “I am delighted to present the very first original YouTube series from Good Morning Britain. I love the idea of ​​GMB conversations that we see all the time making their way to new audiences thanks to “Off The Table”.

Good Morning Britain gets 250 million views on YouTube

Good Morning Britain’s YouTube channel is the fastest growing of all ITV channels.

The move comes after it was revealed that in 2020 GMB video views on YouTube totaled 250 million and more than a billion minutes had been watched.

In the same year, GMB was the most tweeted show and had 80 million videos viewed on Facebook.

Most of which are watched by audiences under 35.

Filming for the new show will begin today (Thursday, October 14) ahead of its launch next month.

ITV explains need for new Good Morning Britain show

Neil Thompson, Editor-in-Chief of Good Morning Britain, said: “It is a testament to the team and the captivating production of the program that our audience aged 16 to 34 has continued to grow stronger. So launching our very first original YouTube series seemed like the next natural and exciting step.

Joel Duncan, Digital Development Manager ITV added: “Over a billion minutes of GMB content were viewed last year on his YouTube channel and so we know there is a very good appetite for even more GMB content. abbreviated online.

“With Julie at the helm and some of the most well-known influencers, ‘Off The Table’ should be a very promising digital offering.”


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