Instagram makes links in stories available to all accounts


This will be good news for Instagram users.

Today Instagram has announcement that links are now available in Instagram Stories for all users, not just those with 10,000 followers or verified accounts.

As explained by Instagram:

When we first introduced Stories links, functionality was limited to verified accounts or those with a certain number of subscribers. The rest of our community told us that they also wanted to share important things with their friends and family. Whatever you do, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, now you have a space to share in Stories, regardless of your account size.

As you can see in the example above, all users will now be able to access the link sticker for stories, which Instagram introduced as the primary link sharing option, instead of the ‘Swipe up’ links. , in August.

Which in itself has been a source of controversy, and some confusion in the case of Instagram ads, which always use the swipe up links. But adding link stickers, as opposed to swipe links, gives users more creative control over how links appear in their Stories frames, which could be a good way to generate more referral traffic. .

And now everyone will be able to add their own links, increasing the potential value of stories for stimulating audience action.

For brands, this will likely put more emphasis on stories as a communication tool – and with Instagram increasingly looking to place more emphasis on video content, like stories and reels, you can Also expect the platform itself to place more and more emphasis on using stories as it seeks to drive more engagement.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Said So Much About Facebook last results announcement, noting that:

Reels is already the primary driver of engagement growth on Instagram. It’s incredibly entertaining, and I think there is huge potential to come. We expect this to continue to grow and I’m optimistic it will be as important to our products as the stories. We’re also planning to make some big changes to Instagram and Facebook over the next year or so to lean more into video and make Reels a more central part of the experience.

So it’s clear that Reels is a central element, but Stories is also incorporated into this larger video push, which eventually will likely see Instagram realigned specifically to Stories and Reels, with the traditional feed taking a back seat and likely shifting to a other. , separate tab in the application.

This will make the stories even more valuable to exposure, and the ability to drive direct traffic from them will also take more priority, making them an even bigger announcement.

Instagram notes that new accounts, as well as accounts that repeatedly share content that violates its Community rules, will not have access to the Link sticker. This provides it with safeguards to limit abuse of the option – although details of what is considered a “new” account in this context have not been disclosed.

Instagram also notes that it is developing new ways to personalize the link sticker “so that what someone will see when tapping on your link is clear”. This could include a link preview element or the like, which could be another aspect to consider in your process.

This has been a much requested addition, and now you can expect to see a lot more links in your IG Stories – which could be annoying and could lead to an influx of users posting more story content.

Which means it’ll either be a blessing or a curse for the format.

We’ll find out soon, with Instagram rolling out access to link stickers to all users starting today.

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