Instagram Head admits app ‘went too far in video’

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri admits the company had “gone too far in video” and insists “photographers are all still relevant” on the app.

Mosseri made the claims during his weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Instagram yesterday – despite doubling the company’s singular commitment to video over the past year.

During his AMA, an anonymous follower asked Mosseri “How can photographers continue to stay relevant on Instagram?”

Mosseri responds “I think photographers are still relevant on Instagram today, contrary to popular belief.”

“Some photographers lean into video and make videos of their photography,” he adds. “But other photographers should be able to post photos and reach people who are interested in their photos.”

“We went too far in the video,” concludes Mosseri.

Mosseri continues, “video still matters but we have to…” before his camera cuts off mid-sentence.

In December last year, Mosseri said Instagram was no longer a photo-sharing app and the company would prioritize video.


Since then, Instagram has embraced more TikTok-like features despite widespread backlash. Photographers in particular have expressed frustration with Instagram’s recent video-centric changes and how the app has let go of the creators who helped make the platform the tech giant it is today. today.

Mosseri’s admission yesterday that Instagram was too video-focused may have come a bit too late for photographers. Despite Mosseri’s claims to the contrary, photographers are still complaining that the app no ​​longer pushes photos through their algorithm and many have already started finding potential Instagram alternatives.

Photo-sharing app BeReal also had the perfect growth opportunity while Instagram continued TikTok’s astronomical growth in short video. BeReal has grown in popularity this year and still dominates the top spot in the US in Apple’s App Store rankings over the past month, even beating TikTok.

During his last AMA, Mosseri answered a selection of questions from anonymous Instagram followers.

Mosseri was also asked if the company would ever “expand 10 photos for photo dumps” and if there was “a way to only see content from friends” on the platform.

Another follower asked if “creators really make money ‘on Instagram’,” and Mosseri mentioned how the company is working on subscriptions as a new form of revenue. This comes after a report yesterday revealed that Meta would add more paid features to Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Picture credits: Header image via Meta

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