Instagram beats TikTok for best app as we installed a record 39 billion apps last quarter

Smartphone owners downloaded a record 38.7 billion apps in the third quarter of 2022, according to mobile intelligence firm, while spending a little. In-app purchases totaled $32.4 billion last quarter, down from a record high of $34 billion a year ago.

But that still represents a 40% increase, according to, from pre-pandemic levels.

Instagram beat TikTok to snatch the title of most downloaded app, while the company formerly known as Facebook captured four of the top six spots and five of the top ten. But TikTok’s new strength is its ability to monetize users, which has helped it pave the way for consumer spending in apps.

  1. instagram
  2. ICT Tac
  3. Facebook
  4. whatsapp messenger
  5. Snapchat
  6. facebook messenger
  7. Telegram
  8. Meesho (a shopping app)
  9. CopCut (a video editor)
  10. Whatsapp Business

Curiously, app installs have not slowed from pandemic highs, trending 8% higher than Q3 2021. This was mainly driven by growth on Android, with consumers downloading 30 apps billion times on Google Play, compared to just under nine billion on the iOS App Store. .

The key driver?

Emerging Markets.

“On Google Play, India and Brazil were the two largest markets in terms of downloads. In terms of quarter-over-quarter growth, India, Pakistan and Iraq were the key drivers of change from Q2 2022,” the company said in a statement. “When it comes to iOS, China and the United States were unsurprisingly the two largest markets by volume. They also, along with Brazil, recorded the largest percentage increase over the three-month period.

As usual, most app downloads occurred in the various gaming categories, while utilities and entertainment apps were also strong. Interestingly, the events and parenting categories also saw significant growth.

We download more than a billion game apps every week, according to, and games account for about 60% of total global app spending, or about $1.54 billion a week. That’s down slightly from last year – a pandemic year – but up 25% from the pre-pandemic period in 2019.

Believe it or not, the top download game was the decade-old Subway Surfers, followed by the much younger Stumble Guys, then Free Fire, Ludo King, and the venerable Candy Crush Saga.

Consumer spending, however, was highest in Honor of Kings, and Roblox led the way for the highest number of monthly active users.

“In 2014, reports emerged saying something remarkable about the video game industry: it was bigger than movies and music combined. For these entrenched industries, this was amazing news,” said in a statement. “Now we can see the impact that app-based games have had. Earlier this year, released research that forecast the global gaming industry to generate $222 billion worldwide mobile games representing 60% of the total.

Interestingly, there is a platform split on games.

Nearly half of Google Play’s 30 billion downloads are games, while games account for roughly a quarter of iOS app store downloads. As a result, games account for about two-thirds of Google Play’s $11.4 billion in revenue for the quarter, but just over half of the App Store’s $21 billion.

Which reveals yet another mobile economy truism: iOS apps, while a minority, monetize significantly better than Android apps.

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