How to promote your YouTube channel on TikTok

Instagram is one of the best tools for promoting businesses. On this platform, according to experts, brands can get the best set of tools to showcase their products and attract new audiences. Especially with modern services that provide the opportunity to buy real Instagram views for video content, at a low price, to advance your growth. Here are the most effective tips for people who want to launch and manage a successful Instagram account for a brand, collected by social media expert Ronald J. Harris, especially for us.

Define the goal

Any strategy should start with deciding why you really need Instagram and video views. Knowing this objective, you can establish a relevant, targeted tactic to achieve this objective. Such an approach allows you to focus on the most beneficial type of content you upload, and quickly increase your recognition and number of video views, as well as your reputation. Here are the common goals businesses should set for their profile on Instagram:

  • Find more customers
  • Improve brand discoverability
  • Examine the target audience
  • To increase the sales
  • Redirect traffic to website
  • Build a stronger connection with customers

These aren’t all, and you’re not limited to just one lens for your Instagram. You can track a few goals as you grow your profile on this network, as long as you are able to implement an effective strategy for them.

Complete Optimization

Another essential thing to consider in the introduction to travel through Instagram. First, you need to upgrade to the Professional Profile option to get the most out of it. After activating it, you will be able to track your performance, expand promotion instruments, get more video views instantly, and sell directly. on Instagram.

For businesses, the platform has added the ability to create an online store directly in the account, making the buying process shorter and more productive. With an activated business profile, you can organize a catalog of your items, which can serve as an additional marketplace for you.

And of course, don’t forget to fill out your bio, choose a recognizable username, and develop a consistent style for your page.

Work your style

A die the reasons why people choose to subscribe to a profile is how aesthetically pleasing it is to them. Your ultimate goal is to fill all your visuals for Instagram – selling the idea of ​​life, where your merchandise is an organic part of the environment. And to do this, you need to create a perfect image. But not literally perfect.

Remember that users come to social media looking for something real, not idealized promotional images. What they want to see is a complete picture that describes your brand from multiple angles, such as your brand values ​​and the practical use of your item. And while it’s very important to create a variety of messages, they should be united by consistent style marks. Developing a certain visual style helps your viewers recognize your brand among others.

Stick to the schedule

Consistency is one of the pillars of successful business promotion on IG and getting views. You should upload new posts regularly, based on the data you’ve collected about your audience’s behavior and preferences. Keep in mind that most people use social media more on workdays and on weekends the activity decreases as they prefer to spend their time on other things.

Posting frequency is different for the types of content available on Instagram. For example, Stories should be posted daily, while IGTV or Live streams can be hosted once a week. Either way, you need to calculate how often you need to post new material individually, based on your audience data and number of views. And remember that quality comes before quantity.

Use hashtags to expand your reach

Hashtags help users and brands reveal themselves on the platform. With their support, Instagram’s algorithms can categorize and deliver the most relevant content to people, especially with the recent update that allows users to follow their favorite hashtags and watch videos. For you, it’s an opportunity to reach your target audience in a subtle way, but with great effect. For this, you need to work in depth on the choice of hashtags. Make a perfect mix, using your industry’s top terms and individual keywords that describe your brand as closely as possible.

Increase engagement

Communication on social networks is a key part of any strategy, both for brands and for individuals. And to achieve this, a lot of attention must be paid to the strategy of engaging your audience and turn them into customers. Keep in mind that your profile on Instagram is not equal to the online store, although you have the necessary instruments to sell the products.

People come to social media to get more than just buying information. They want to understand your brand more closely. This is because the competition in most industries is huge and users have an incredibly wide choice of products within the same niche. So, very often, they make their decisions using additional information about a brand:

  • Values,
  • Ethics,
  • Important initiatives, or almost.

And on Instagram, you can expose your business from different angles, providing more things to like about your brand.


To find out what works best for you, you should try all the features and privacy options offered on Instagram. The key elements you can use here are:

  • Regular posts. In the feed, you can post videos that are no longer than a minute. The format is perfect for posting long reads and getting lots of IG video views.
  • Stories. It’s probably the most engaging format on Instagram. The concept of disappearing content, which is created on the spur of the moment, has revolutionized this network and made it the ultimate engagement gainer.
  • Reels. This feature is similar to Tik Tok videos, so can and should be used regularly to attract new audiences.
  • IGTV. here you can upload videos longer than 1 minute.
  • Live broadcast. Another effective tool that helps communicate with your customers, build stronger bonds, and provide a real-time chat experience.

What Ronald has to say

RJ Harris: “In the guide above, I laid out the most basic things to pay attention to when you’re about to launch a brand profile and use IG videos as a promotional tool. It’s hard to give 100% concrete recommendations because I usually start building the system for a business, using its individuality and features that can be called unique But the Adele tone for most of my tactics is similar and is based on a thorough analysis of the target group.

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