How to Mute Someone on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Tip 2022

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Check how to mute someone on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Whether you’re working remotely or in an office, social media is often the biggest source of interruption. In addition to various promotions, you receive countless updates from your family, colleagues, partners and companies. And given that some of these updates please you, the vast majority of them are just a mess. The problem with having too much data on your online entertainment services is that it takes too long to figure out all the superfluous stuff and access the important stuff.

Obviously, one way to declutter your feed is to start deleting or blocking people. Mute is a feature that lets you remove an account’s tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account. Hidden accounts won’t know you’ve hidden them, and you can re-enable them at any time. To access the list of accounts you’ve hidden, go to your silent account settings on or your app settings on Twitter for iOS or Android. To learn how to disable notifications, see our advanced opt-out options on Twitter.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

Instagram has introduced an opt-out button to disable profiles, posts, and stories. While not everyone has access to this feed-based mute option yet, Instagram is still rolling it out on iOS and Android, it will be available to all users soon, so you better learn how to use it. ‘utilize.

How to turn off Instagram posts

  • On each post, you will see the ellipsis button (…), click on it.
  • Now you are presented with several options, tap Mute.
  • Select mute messages or mute messages and story. This option is also available through user profiles, again by pressing the ellipsis button.

How to Disable Instagram Stories

  • To turn off Instagram user-generated stories, long-press the person’s story icon at the top of the page.
  • This opens up the ability to mute the user and all those stories you never wanted to see in the first place.

Stories from other users will appear at the bottom of your feed, where you can choose to watch them or unmute them if you wish. Please note that users can see who is viewing their Instagram Stories. If someone notices that you haven’t seen their content in a while, they might ask you about it.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

In addition to muting a person’s posts or stories, you can mute all of their activity by following these steps:

  • Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of any of your posts.
  • Tap Hide.
  • Tap Mute .

You can also mute all user activity by visiting the profile, tapping Follow, and tapping Mute. To unmute, follow the same steps in reverse.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Is your Facebook News Feed overflowing with oversharers, game invites, and rants? Luckily, there are several ways to silence these annoyances, and it’s pretty easy to get started.

  • Visit a profile or page and click Follow (on the Facebook website) or tap More (in the Facebook app).
  • Select Unfollow.
  • You can also unfollow users in your News Feed by clicking on a post’s three-dot menu and choosing Hide Post. Postpone for 30 days or stop following.
  • You can also unfollow someone or put them on hold for 30 days directly from your timeline. Because it can be hard to remember everyone who’s bothering you, this option makes it easier to mute people as you scroll through your News Feed.
  • Simply tap the three-dot menu icon on your post and select one of the many options available. Select the option to confirm and the post along with the original poster will disappear from your timeline.

How to bulk unfollow people and pages in your feed

To manage your bulk feed; look for the down arrow on the blue banner or tap the three line menu on mobile.

  • On your mobile device, scroll down to Settings and privacy, then select Settings.
  • On web and mobile, select Newsfeed preferences.
  • Now select Unfollow people to hide their posts.
  • Scroll down and tap the people and accounts you want to remove from your News Feed.

How to block photo albums from your feed

You can also block albums from entering your feed, whether they’re baby photos, vacation snaps, or wedding season selfies.

  • Click on the three-dot menu of the offending photo album.
  • Choose Unfollow album.
  • There.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger

As with your social network, Facebook also makes it easy to mute annoying people on Messenger.

Disable Messenger Chats on Desktop

  • Open a message from your chatty friend.
  • Click your name at the top of the pop-up window.
  • Choose whether you want to ignore messages or mute the conversation.

Disable Messenger chats on mobile devices

  • Press the “i” information button in a conversation if you are using an Android device. iOS users will need to tap the user’s name at the top of the conversation.
  • Tap the Mute option.
  • Make the selection that meets your needs and press OK.

How to Mute Someone on Twitter

There are two methods to eradicate annoying Twitter users from your timeline. One method is to visit your profile and block them entirely, the other is accessible from any of your tweets and allows you to delete certain types of content instead – perfect for blocking annoying branded posts.

How to deactivate accounts on Twitter

  • Visit the user’s profile page and click on the three-dot menu button next to their name.
  • This reveals options, including Silence.
  • Click Mute and confirm the action.
  • Click Mute and confirm the action.

How to mute a tweet

  • In an individual tweet, click the arrow at the top right of the tweet
  • This allows you to select Mute @username and another option: “I don’t like this Tweet”
  • This selection acts as a dislike button, instructing Twitter’s algorithms to block similar posts in the future.

How to See Silent Twitter Accounts

  • To see all the accounts you’ve hidden, go to Settings & Privacy, then click Privacy & Security.
  • Scroll down to the Security section and select Hidden Accounts.
  • Here you can also unmute people through your profile.

How to disable certain words, phrases and hashtags

If you want to ban certain words from your News Feed, head to Settings and Privacy, or on mobile, go to the Notifications tab, tap the gear icon and click Mute Words. Now add the words you never want to see again.

How to Mute Someone on WhatsApp

Tired of noisy WhatsApp group chats and private messages ringing at all hours of the day? There is a way to silence them, you can thank us later.

  • To turn them off, scroll to any message or group chat, then long press on the message.
  • Once selected, you will see a locked speaker at the top of the screen. Click on the speaker.
  • You now have the option to turn off notifications for eight hours, a week, or a year.
  • Make your choice, then tap OK.
  • iOS users can long press on the chat and press mute in the pop-up window.
  • You can also mute notifications in a message, just click on the three-dot menu at the top of the screen and select Mute Notifications.

How to Mute Someone on Snapchat

The mute version of Snapchat is called Do Not Disturb, which blocks notifications from any user or chat group you choose to mute.

How to Mute Someone’s Snapchat Stories

  • Tap on your feed, then long-press on your friend’s Bitmoji or profile picture.
  • When the dialog box appears, click Settings.
  • Then click Do Not Disturb. The option will change to Enable notifications to indicate success.

How to Mute a Snapchat Message

  • Click on your friend’s messages and press the three-line menu button.
  • Now toggle the Do Not Disturb switch to On.

How to Disable Snapchat Stories from Your Feed

  • Click on your friend’s messages and press the three-line menu button.
  • Select Silent Story.

How to block specific users from seeing your Snapchat stories

  • Click the gear icon on your profile page and scroll down to the section called Who Can.
  • Then click View My Story.
  • Choose Custom and decide who can see your Snapchat stories

How to turn off comments on YouTube

The YouTube community has a bad reputation. Luckily, the Toggle YouTube Comments extension for Chrome protects you from the silly and often offensive babble that defines the comments section of almost every video. This popular plugin automatically hides all comments on YouTube videos, replacing them with the Show Comments option. Best of all, it doesn’t follow you and fits seamlessly into YouTube’s design.

How to mute people on Quora

  • Click the person’s name next to their picture.
  • Once on your profile, tapping the ellipsis button (…) lets you choose to mute, block, or report.
  • Select the appropriate option and you’re done.

Final Words: How to Mute Someone on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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