How this entrepreneur makes $30,000 a month from YouTube

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When businesses digitally mature, they tend to stand out from their competitors. A recent MITMR survey found that digital companies are more actively involved in nurturing leaders and deepening decision-making. Adapting to this new era digital market environment, many young entrepreneurs have walked the red carpet.


Mackenzie Thompson is one such emerging talent. This digipreneur has already started making waves by taking the early stages of his career. He built his fame through dropshipping on Facebook marketplaces. Today, he’s a full-time YouTube podcaster, digital nomad, and coach who pioneers others by teaching them how to grow their social brands and generate profits digitally.

However, this journey of leadership, learning and legacy has not been easy for mackenzie thompson. When he was in his early twenties, he suddenly lost his job. Having no other way out, he backed off with his mother. At that time, the entrepreneur had neither the money nor the skills or the influence to monetize. The young intellectual had a very clear fact – without improving his skills, he would hardly be able to break something big.

This realization prompted Mackenzie Thompson to order several business books, which he read for almost a year. His quest to live together encouraged him to learn more and find solid sources of income. By constantly seeking new knowledge, he finally found the way to grow and flourish.

Today, he invests in mentorship and courses and continues to accelerate his expertise, which eventually translates into accelerated wealth. Mackenzie Thompson has always had big ambitions. However, in his early days, he failed to achieve extraordinary results. This struggle helped him learn that if it’s about getting extraordinary results, you have to be open to doing extraordinary things.

Typically, businesses don’t thrive and grow because people give up on their efforts too soon or they can’t put adequate volume into them. Identifying this obstacle, Mackenzie Thompson began to evolve such that every day he released his best version. This continuous improvement in skills made him eligible to achieve the name and fame he has today.

Mackenzie Thompson’s program, The Hive Mind, covers different training programs from Facebook Marketplace, Ofans Management, and Instagram Growth Strategies. Moreover, it aims to connect users to a hidden society of other people who are doing the same thing. Mackenzie works tirelessly to make this program a total success. In fact, he invests all that attention and time in his growth.

The young entrepreneur has achieved a lot in life. He learned to speak Russian, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health and human movement sciences, and currently earns around $30,000 a month. His thirst for learning and exploring new things never ceases to pursue him. So, this digital nomad is currently traveling around the world.

Mackenzie clearly states her four secrets to earning tons of dollars. First, he advises focusing on value. Next, he believes in creating an environment of success and creation. Third, he believes in building an audience – a filtered audience that can actually benefit from the services he offers. Finally, he believes leverage in his favor. According to Mackenzie, these four fundamental factors helped him move forward and gain recognition and wealth.

He also recommends others to pursue micro-steps on the way to bigger goals. It effectively helps to develop a sportsmanship – you learn to accept failure, understand the reasons for your failure and finally overcome it and achieve success. Mackenzie also suggests staying consistent and motivated.

Stress leads nowhere. Thus, he advises people to relax and focus on their goals. A consistent and contented mind leads to achievement and success. Mackenzie aims to develop its YouTube channel “TheMacLyf” and podcast to a level that he can sell the media rights for $100 million. He dreams of retiring his mother, who has always been by his side through the ups and downs.

Additionally, he also wants to influence others to dream big and weed out the best and wealthiest versions of themselves. The entrepreneur and his work have been featured in revamped publications like New York Weekly, Forbes, LAprogressive, and more. It even has a Google knowledge panel.

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