How much do streamers earn on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming, in comparison? Where to make the most money as a streamer

Banners have been happy to share their experiences and personality with the world for many years at this point. Some streamers are just getting started and others have been in the game for many years. Hopefully, for those focused on streaming through Twitch, they won’t have to figure out how to fix the Twitch internal service error 500 too often, because it can be a lot for anyone to deal with. Of course, there are a lot of technical details that streamers will need to master. From schedules to work in the background, there’s more to the role of pushing a button and streaming. Many are still wondering where to make the most money as a streamer and this article will give you some general information about it. We’ll be looking at the key places Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

The best place to make the most money as a streamer

The immediate answer to this question is that there is no guarantee of making more money on a certain platform than on another. However, it has been observed that streamers tend to make more money on Twitch than elsewhere. There is a slight caveat to this though, that after the recent announcement of 50/50 revenue sharing, this could quickly change. There are many sources that explain how much money streamers make on Twitch. Again, there is no definitive answer as a lot of information is confidential. It is generally not known to the general public outside of the company and the streamers themselves.

Average streamer income for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

Instead of focusing on the top earners on each platform, which has been extensively documented. We’ll focus on the average streamer income, which will give you a starting point for where to start your streaming business. It’s meant to be a realistic look at cash flow and not massively exaggerated. Below in the table are general estimates of an average streamer’s earnings per month on each platform.

Platform Estimated money earned per month for the average streamer (50 viewers)
Tic $150 to $350
Youtube $21-$170
Game on Facebook $30-$190

As can be seen, the estimated values ​​vary quite a bit. For YouTube’s calculation, we assumed that the streamer would receive around $16-18 in cash per 1,000 views (of ads). Looking at the one feed per day basis, that’s where the numbers came from. There is room and wiggle room for Patreon donations or channel memberships, which is where the top part of the figure comes from. There’s still no hard and fast answer for which platform will make you the most money as a streamer, but Twitch is certainly still establishing itself as one of the best thanks to subscribers, bits, etc.

On Twitch’s note, there’s been a massive surge in VTubers after people found out how to create a VTuber avatar for streaming, so there may be a particular new angle or opportunity you can think of for your flow stands out from the rest.

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