Hontiveros asks PNP, YouTube and Facebook to survey Pinoy’s child grooming content

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Opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros called on the anti-cybercrime group of the Philippine National Police check out the pages of an individual who posts videos about grooming children.

The legislator gave the alert on the YouTube channel on Thursday »Usapang Diskarteand its counterpart Facebook page with the same ID (@UsapangDiskarte) following messages from concerned Filipinos.

“@facebook, @YouTube, @PNPpio Anti-Cybercrime Group, please take a look. The people behind these accounts should be brought to justice”, Hontiveros tweetedmarking the accounts of the PNP, Facebook and Youtube.

“To my followers, please keep reporting the Usapang Diskarte page and channel,” she added.

Hontiveros also urged the executive branch to sign the Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children Bill (OSAEC) that she sponsored and introduced in the 18th Congress before.

“These horrifying photos tell us what we already knew: that a law against online sexual abuse and exploitation of children is absolutely and urgently needed,” she said in another tweet.

“I call on the executive to sign the anti-OSAEC law now. Our children need the full power and protection of this measure,” the senator added.

She accompanied her post with screenshots originally posted by a Twitter user that featured videos and comments from said channel.

Last month, the Senate and the House of Representatives separately ratified the report of the bicameral commission on the divergent provisions of Senate Bill 2209 and House Bill 10703.

The Senate bill is the Online Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of Children Act (OSAEC) while its counterpart HOR is the Law against sexual abuse or exploitation of children (CSAEM).

The bill had to be signed by the president to become law. It was not signed by the former president Rodrigue Duterte at this moment.

Hontiveros said the bill “establishes protections and safeguards for child victims of OSAEC, including with respect to [to] their psycho-social needs” and “grants additional investigative and surveillance tools to law enforcement, taking into account the complexities of the Internet and the dark web”.

She added that this increases the obligations of the private sector, in particular electronic service providers, Internet intermediaries and financial intermediaries, with regard to the blocking and preservation of such content on their platforms.

The legislator further stated that the bill will establish the National Coordination Center against OSAEC and CSAEM under the Inter-Agency Council against Trafficking.

Hontiveros made the call after social media users urged to report the “Usapang Diskarte” YouTube and Facebook pages which uploaded content suggesting ways to groom a minor.

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Child grooming is a form of sexual abuse in which the abuser performs manipulative behaviors on the victim to coerce them into entering into a relationship or doing things of a sexual nature.

A organization against sexual violence said this includes abusers who attempt “to gain a potential victim’s trust through gifts, attention, sharing ‘secrets’ and other means to make them feel like they have a relationship benevolent and to train them to keep the relationship a secret”.

“Abusers often begin touching a victim in ways that seem harmless, such as cuddling, wrestling, and tickling, and later escalate to increasingly sexual contact, such as massaging or showering. The abusers may also show the victim pornography or discuss sexual matters with them, to introduce the idea of ​​sexual contact,” he added.

According to a 2021 Global Threat Assessment report by the WeProtect Global Alliancethe Philippines saw a 265% increase in online child sexual abuse between March and May 2020.

british newspaper The Guardian also cited a 2020 study which noted that one in five children between the ages of 12 and 17 in the Asian country have experienced serious cases of online sexual abuse while using the internet.

Meanwhile, YouTube has replied to the Twitter user who previously posted screenshots of the “Usapang Diskarte” channel.

“Hello, we’re looking into this and managing all next steps from here. thanks for sharing,” he said with a clasped hands emoji.

Another Twitter user claimed that the National Bureau of Investigation responded to an email alerting them to the content.

“This case has therefore been forwarded to the Anti-Human Trafficking Division (AHTRAD) for immediate investigation. We note in your post that you saved or archived the YouTube Videos topic as evidence. We appreciate this action,” part of the response reportedly said.

The Twitter User said that he is just spreading the news and credit goes to Reddit users u/EllisCristoph and u/Anaralah_Belore223.

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