Here’s what Indians did on Instagram and Facebook in 2021

Meta (formerly Facebook) recently unveiled its annual “Year in Review” list to share top hot topics on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter throughout 2021. In a press briefing, Meta said the “Year in Review” list reflects the themes that define the main keywords for the year. He said that for 2021, COVID and health, sports and an assortment of cultural moments and topics have captured the minds of Indians on Facebook and Instagram. The list also includes a section of what was all the rage on Reels, the short videos on Instagram. Let’s take a look:

1. COVID and health – Like other platforms, Instagram and Facebook were a big help during the devastating second wave in April-May this year. Meta said “prayer,” “oxygen” and “hospital” were the hottest topics in the topic of COVID-19 and health. each other for support on our platforms. “These terms then moved on to various topics related to ‘vaccines’ and ‘immunization’, as people rushed to get vaccinated. The ‘flaxseeds’ also emerged as a trend in COVID and Health topics, as people shared and discussed its health benefits.

2. Sports – Despite the devastating impact of COVID-19, 2021 was also the year in which many sporting events returned. The Indians have shown a keen interest in the “Tokyo Olympics” as we achieved our highest number of medals in Tokyo earlier this year. year. The “Tokyo Olympics”, “Paralympic Games”, “Gold Medal”, “ICC World Testing Championship” and “Women’s International One Day Cricket” were some of the highlights. main trends in sport.

3. Cultural moments and topics – In this category, “Garba” emerged as the main trend. Additionally, with the release of the movie “Shershaah” around Independence Day, “Captain Vikram Batra” has also become one of the main trends, with “Jewelry” and “Cryptocurrency” emerging as topics of interest. interest, a reflection of traditional and modern perspectives of India.

4. Trends on the reels – on Reels, the short videos on Instagram, Indian songs were among the most popular. Also, several trends like Bachpan Ka Pyaar, which is a lip sync and dance trend, Baarish Ki Jaaye, which is a trend involving Remix and an AR effect, and Lut Gaye (feat. Emraan Hashmi), which is a trend Lip sync have been some of the Indian trends that have picked up Reels this year. Here is a full list of Instagram and Facebook trends in India:

Complete list of all the trends on Instagram, Facebook in India in 2021

Covid and health

  • Pray
  • Oxygen
  • Vaccine
  • Hospital
  • Flax seed


  • Gold medal
  • Tokyo Olympics
  • ICC World Trials Championship
  • Women’s international cricket for a day
  • Paralympic Games

Cultural moments

  • Garba
  • Captain Vikram Batra
  • Independence Day
  • Jewelry
  • Cryptocurrency

Some of the best songs on Reels (Last 90 days)

  • Raataan Lambiyan (from “Shershaah”), by Tanishk Bagchi
  • love nwantiti (feat. Dj Yo! & AX’EL) [Remix], by CKay
  • Tu Milta Hai Mujhe, by Raj Barman
  • Terre Pyaar Mein, by Himesh Reshammiya
  • Naam Tera, by Ndee Kundu

Some of the best trends on Reels

  • Raataan Lambiyan (From “Shershaah”) (lip sync tendency)
  • IPhone Lock Screen (AR Effect Trend)
  • Bachpan Ka Pyaar (lip sync & dance trend)
  • Baarish Ki Jaaye (Remix & RA trend)
  • Lut Gaye (feat. Emraan Hashmi) (lip sync trend)

Some of the best AR effects used

  • redglitch by @ccssiano
  • Party lights by @dhfdz_
  • Red rose by @maf ._. A07
  • Maple by @vieryvito
  • AL1 Soften @ rahmamqf

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