Hashtag Trend October 1 – YouTube bans anti-vaccines; Facebook could face a fine in Russia; Google’s dominance in search engines


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YouTube bans popular anti-vax influencers, Facebook could face a massive fine in Russia, and Google says it doesn’t reduce consumer choice.

It’s all the tech news that’s all the rage right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending! It is Friday October 1st and I am your host, Samira Balsara.

YouTube bans top vaccine campaigners, blocks all tech anti-vaccine content

YouTube will no longer allow vaccine misinformation on its platform. The announcement on Wednesday asks the platform to kick-start anti-vaccine influencers from its site, as well as remove false claims about the vaccination overall. The repression has already started; several popular anti-vax channels have already been removed as part of the new policy. Unsurprisingly, the channel’s owners are bitter about the deletion and have equated YouTube’s policy with censorship. But there’s still a loophole: The new rule only applies to vaccines that have already been approved, so claims about vaccines being tested are still allowed.

Russia fines Facebook, Twitter for failing to remove banned content from tech

Facebook could face massive fines in Russia unless it removes content at the behest of the Russian government. Russia is increasing pressure on tech companies to take more control of its internet industry, according to a Reuters report. A Russian state regulator claimed that Facebook had not removed graphic and extremist content from its platform and had opened 17 cases against the company this year. If the platform continues to fail to comply, Moscow plans to impose a fine of up to 10% of Facebook’s annual revenue.

“Google” is the most searched word on Bing, according to Google from Technology

To deflect the European Union’s charge that Google is abusing market power and reducing choice, Google’s lawyer said people choose the Google search engine because they prefer it, not because Google prompts, or sometimes forces, phone makers to preload the search engine on their phones. , as the EU claims. The lawyer further stated that the most searched term on Microsoft’s Bing is Google. But at least one European competition commissioner disagrees. One commissioner said that by forcing phone makers to preinstall its search engine and Chrome browser, only 1% of people downloaded a different search app.

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