Gossip abounds on Amazon; TikTok takes on more political ad dollars

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EA or not?

EA Games is looking for a buyer, according to the game news log Puck. And the buyer will likely be a company with a streaming service.

After a (demystified) rumor that Amazon intends to buy EA, its the stock jumped 15% pre-market when the rumor broke Friday morning.

The other top contenders for the gaming company are Disney, Apple, and NBCUniversal, with the latter being the most likely.

A video game Blog claims that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts wants to split NBCUniversal, which owns streamer Peacock, and merge it with EA Games. But both companies declined to comment.

Yet Microsoft bought Activision, Netflix bought three game studios in just one year, and the demand for advertising in games keeps growing. Obviously, streamers like the idea of ​​slapping games into their content libraries to try and keep subscribers from leaving.

But EA Games’ new home – if it’s even moving – is yet to be determined.

The Court of Public Opinion

Although it is a midterm election, political ad spending in the 2022 election cycle already exceeds that of 2020.

From a cultural point of view, there is always a “platform of the moment” during an election cycle, Digiday reports. And in 2024, TikTok will be what drives Gen Z voters to the polls, political consultant Robb Henzie tells Digiday.

There’s a big problem: while TikTok captures the Gen Z zeitgeist, it’s a no-go zone for political advertising. TikTok does not allow creators to post paid political content. TikTok already bans political advertising (although, apparently, it can be eluded).

In the last election cycle, amid the pandemic, political spending on digital increased, accounting for 19% of media election spending for 2020. And social platforms are only becoming a bigger part of that chunk, though. they also fix senior guards. Meta, for example, is suspending political ads entirely to avoid the burden of content filtering.

But social politicization will not come without clashes. TikTokers can post organic political content, but advertisers might have a harder time using organic messaging on the platform at the same scale (but not for lack of trying).

Friends without benefits

A $31 billion antitrust class action lawsuit filed against Meta with the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal will continue after Meta refused to challenge the forum choice. A class certification hearing has been set for January 2023, Tech Crunch reports.

The lawsuit, which was filed in January this year claims that Facebook imposed unfair pricing and trading conditions on its users in the UK (and, presumably, everywhere else) by forcing users to share personal data to access Facebook’s platform. The lawsuit further accuses Facebook of not sharing profits from trading this data with its users.

However, it is unclear whether the suit will survive class certification. Privacy concerns are at the heart of the complaint. A decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom last november ruled that damages resulting from privacy breaches must be proven on an individual basis, not through a class action, a victory for Google.

This lawsuit is just the latest anti-competitive case against Meta based on its data collection practices. Meta is attractive a decision of the German Federal Cartel Office which banned the company from linking user data across its various owned and operated platforms.

But wait, there’s more!

Nielsen delays its work on big data transactions…and postpones its next meeting with the Media Rating Council. [MediaPost]

A Delaware judge orders Twitter to turn over its data following a whistleblower charge. [WSJ]

The IAB Tech Lab is finalizing its ad format guidelines for connected TV and digital video. [release]

Instagram says Precise Location Content Tags cannot be used to track the exact location of users. [BBC]

South Carolina’s governor says a bill that would criminalize websites sharing abortion access information “won’t see the light of day.” [EFF]

Google launches online security campaign in India and announces cybersecurity development program for 100,000 developers. [Economic Times]

Google adds digital outdoor advertising to Display & Video 360. [The Drum]

American Eagle is targeting metaverse marketing to reach Gen Z. [Digiday]

HBO Max’s “House of the Dragon” is already getting a season two renewal. [Variety]

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