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Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of the central figure of Christianity, Jesus Christ, by the Christian community around the world. It is also known as Good Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, and Black Friday, etc.

It marks the day Christ was crucified at the Roman Calvary where he died after hours of suffering. Crucifixion was considered the highest form of criminal punishment during the 1st century, most likely AD 30 or 33.

It is observed during Holy Week according to the Paschal Triduum of the Paschal Triduum and falls before Easter Sunday. It is also believed that on Easter day, Jesus rose from the dead.

Good Friday

It is one of the crucial holidays in Christianity as it is considered a day when Jesus sacrificed his life for the good of mankind, so that his children, the people, would be forgiven and freed from pain.

It is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. On this day, people fast all day, refrain from consuming alcohol and attend religious services.

They also wear black colored robes and also cover holy statues, crosses and images in churches with black garments on Good Friday evening, to mourn God’s sacrifice.

Every year it falls in the month of April and this year it will be observed on April 15. So enjoy the festivals with your loved ones.

Good Friday 2022 Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status & More

Good Friday Celebration

Good Friday Quotes

Here we offer these beautiful Good Friday quotes and images that you can share with your family and loved ones to wish them a very Happy Good Friday!!!

  • May the Lord bless your heart with peace and happiness!! Happy Good Friday!!
  • Be grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made for us and follow his ideas of humanity and love!!
Good Friday Date and History

Good Friday Wishes, Quotes

  • May the light of Jesus always bring us all out of the way of darkness!! Happy Good Friday!!
  • May Jesus shower the greatest blessings on you and your family!!
  • No one will ever be able to love us more than Jesus, we owe him his sacrifice!!
  • On this day of Good Friday, I owe the Almighty his supreme sacrifice for humanity.
Good Friday Images

Images of Good Friday

  • May the darkest nights end and may God enlighten us!!
  • Put the Almighty first and you will never be last!! Happy Good Friday!!
  • Have no fear, just believe in Jesus and you will never be disappointed!!
  • May the faith you have in Jesus lead you to the path of good fortune and success!!
  • Just keep your trust in the Almighty and He will lead you to the path you need to follow!!
  • Begin to see Jesus in every human being, you will learn to love!!

Good Friday Status

  • Don’t let your heart be troubled, just believe in Jesus and he will take care of it!!
  • May the power of the Holy Spirit of the Lord fill you with hope!!
  • On the occasion of Good Friday, I pray to the Almighty to strengthen me with his great power!! Happy Good Friday!!

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