Get paid £2,000 to ditch Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for two months

You could be paid £2,000 if you’re willing to give up social media for two months.

A company is looking for an avowed “social media enthusiast” to participate in a project to study the effects of social media on health and well-being.

Uptime, an educational app, has made the offer as it seeks to find out what effect removing social media for a period of time would have on an individual.

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The successful candidate will receive £2,000 to stop using social media platforms for two months and monitor how they use this new downtime, as well as happiness levels, behavior and productivity.

They will be asked to uninstall the social media platforms they use for social interactions such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

In addition to uninstalling apps, the candidate will also be asked to complete a frequent quiz and keep a written and video journal to record their experience.

The offer is in line with the objectives of Uptime, which offers 5-minute “Knowledge Hacks”.

Its executives say they hope to encourage people to passively reduce the time spent on social media and increase the time users are actively engaged and enjoying their time online or on their phones.

Patrick Walker, co-founder of Uptime, said: “Like most things in life, social media has its downsides, but it can also be great for many people, whether it’s providing work or giving people a platform to express themselves and their hobbies – like of course helping people connect We’re not against social media at all, but we do see the issues with doomscrolling , where people simply consume negative and misleading news and opinions.

“In our study, we want to highlight how learning and using your time productively can lead to better well-being and personal growth, unlike spending minutes wasting time online. We don’t think not that everyone needs to take down social media forever, but we want to inspire people to use their downtime in a way that works for them in many ways.If anyone is looking for the challenge and agrees to quit social media for two months, please apply now.

No previous qualifications or experience are required for the position; however, the app said hopeful applicants must be over 18 and an “avowed social media lover”.

Applicants should also use their social media platforms only for social purposes, not for commercial purposes, as the app states that it only wants to collect information about personal social media usage.

The person chosen for the study will also not be asked to remove the social media platforms they use for professional purposes such as LinkedIn.

Recently selected as one of Google’s Best Apps of 2021, Uptime empowers users to improve their chances of lifelong learning through the use of “Knowledge Hacks”, five-minute actionable stories condensing the world’s best books, courses, documentaries and podcasts into easily digestible content.

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